Sports Overload

Hubby’s bowling season started tonight.  Which means he’s not here and I get to watch whatever I want on TV.  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  
So what am I watching?  
Little League World Series.
Pre-Season Monday Night Football.
Beach Volleyball, Track & Field, and Trampoline on the Olympics.
Seriously, I’m not a big sports fan, so why am I fascinated by these things?  
It’s a pure joy to watch the little boys play baseball.  They’re wearing their hearts on their sleeves and playing as if the world will end if they lose.  And to them, it will.
I realize that it’s pre-season football and it doesn’t count – and no one will remember who won or lost in a month or so.  But it’s football and I love football!  Don’t really understand it, but I love it none the less. 
The Olympics – no matter how obscure the sport, I’m watching it.  I can’t explain my fascination with the Olympics and I can’t get enough of it!
Of course, it could also be the fact that I have total control of the remote and I can watch what I want, when I want, and for as long as I want.  Yea, I’m just a little deprived in the TV Watching Decision Making Department.  
Let the party begin because bowling season lasts 33 weeks. . . .

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  1. Beth

    Have fun!!  LOL

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