My ABC’s

I found this post as I was digging through my unpublished drafts.  I have no idea where I got this idea, but here you have my ABCs.  Now I have that Jackson 5 song stuck in my head.  If you don’t know which song I’m talking about, click here.
A – Attached or single? Very Attached.  Been with Hubby 26 years, married for 24. 
B – Best friend?  Don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. 
C – Cake or pie? Cake.  To be specific, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  Mom makes it for my birthday every year. 
D – Drink of choice? Coke.  If it’s been a bad day at work, it’s Captain Morgan and Coke. 
E – Essential item? TV. Or radio.  Gotta have some sort of noise in the background. 
F – Favorite color? Red. 
G – Gummi bears or worms? Ugh, neither.  Just can’t do them. 
H – Hometown? A little place called Park Layne.   
I – Indulgence? Mounds bars.  Suzi Q’s.  Dove minis.  Oreos.  Does this make me a chocoholic?  Oh, and pedicures. 
J – Jail, Been There? Only as a visitor never as a resident.  Long story.  Might tell you about it sometime. 
K – Kids? Just the four legged kind.  I’ve had seven over the years.  Sheba, Toby, Tigger, Smokie, Goldie, Blacky, and Luci. 
L – Life is incomplete without?  Hubby.  (Awww, ain’t that sweet!)
M – Marriage date? April 2 . . . and September 28.  One Hubby, two anniversary dates.  Another long story I’ll tell you about sometime. 
N – Number of siblings? 3 sisters (two older, one younger), 2 brothers (one older, one younger).  Middle Child of a Big Catholic Family.  But not the biggest in the parish where I grew up.  That family had (gulp!) 10 kids. 
O – Oranges or apples? Apples. 
P – Phobia/fears? Fear of the dentist.  Fear of closed in places. 
Q – Favorite quote? “Mozart? Mozart is dead, his problems are over.  Help MEEE….”  (From “The Money Pit”).  Or “I had a bad experience.” From “The Italian Job”
R – Reasons to smile? Hubby, Blacky, and Luci
S – Season? Summer – I’m a July baby so I’ve always loved summer. 
T – Tag three. Anyone should feel free to do it.
U – Unknown fact about me? I became a Grandma at 28.  Marrying an older man with children from a previous marriage will age a girl quick!
V – Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? Oppressor of animals. 
W – Worst habit? Procrastination.
X – X-rays or ultrasounds?? Have had equal number of both. 
Y – Can you Yo-Yo?  Hmm . . .used to be able to.  Don’t know now. 
Z – Zodiac? Cancer.  Never thought about how scary that word was until I had surgery last year.  
If you didn’t get the Jackson 5 reference, please don’t tell me.  It will make me feel really, really old.  



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2 responses to “My ABC’s

  1. Beth

    That was fun.  I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Ray

    Very funny, I\’m a Cancer, procrastinate and fear the dentist. I like Gummi bears and Worms, all the more reason to fear the dentist. No need to worry about the Jackson 5 thing I\’m ancient….

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