The Dogs’ Weekend

As Beth pointed out recently, I haven’t posted anything about Blacky and Luci lately.  Both of them are very happy and healthy and enjoying the summer.  Let me share some of their fun summer activities . . .
    • See who can spend the most time in front of the AC vent in the kitchen. 
    • How many times can we ask Mommy to let us in/out the back door before she give the famous "I’m not spending my day letting you two in and out every 5 minutes!" speech.   Yes, I give the same lectures to the dogs that Mom gave to me as a kid. 
    • Luci likes to sunbathe on the deck.  When she gets too warm, she will come inside to get a drink of water, spend about 5 minutes crowding Blacky in front of the AC vent in the kitchen, then go back outside.  She has an outside water dish that is refilled several times during the day but she prefers the inside water dish.  
    • Blacky enjoys playing in the sprinkler while Luci splashes in the baby pool.  When Luci goes over to check out the sprinkler, Blacky gets in the baby pool.  It’s wickedly funny to watch.
    • Luci enjoys grabbing the hose when we are filling the baby pool and spraying anyone that comes near her. 

This weekend has been particularly busy for the doggies.  Blacky has been busy protecting his house from the house painters.  Our next door neighbor is a professional house painter and we hired him and one of his co-workers to paint the outside of our house.  They are wonderful painters and they did a fantastic job.  Blacky has known Neighbor Guy all his life, but yet still barks at him every time Neighbor Man is anywhere within Blacky’s eyesight.  Neighbor Man is and always has been wonderful to both dogs, but for some reason Blacky has never warmed up to him.  Blacky has always been a Nervous Nelly and doesn’t adapt well to changes in his routine.  Having two guys painting the house for two days is a total change of his routine.  Poor baby spent most of the weekend upstairs with his head under the bed.

Luci took her first trip to a dog park on Saturday.  I met a friend of mine from Large Insurance Agency and her dog – which happens to be a black lab named Lucy.  Believe it or not, her Lucy is 6 months older than my Luci and they get into the same kinds of trouble.  Would you believe that my social butterfly baby dog pulled out the shyness card and didn’t really play with any of the other dogs at the dog park?  I was stunned!  This is a dog that has to meet and greet every person she sees when we’re out for a walk, at the vet’s office, or at the groomer’s.  Never met a stranger, loves everyone, and thinks everyone loves her.  But I put her in that dog park with three other dogs and she clung to me like Saran Wrap!  She did eventually warm up to people and would wander off a little to explore the park and to play with the other dogs, but she never let me out of her sight.  After about an hour, I knew it was time to go home when she wandered over to where she could see the Dog Mobile and started whining.  She was perfectly behaved during the trip home and stuck by my side all weekend.  I think I might have to take her to the dog park a little more often to get her used to playing with the other dogs.

The weather has turned a little cooler the last couple of days, so I’ve been able to take Luci for her evening walk.  Speaking of which . . . she’s sitting here with her head on my lap telling me it’s time to go . . .



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4 responses to “The Dogs’ Weekend

  1. Beth

    Thank you Pam for the update on Blacky and Luci.  I was beginning to wonder about them.  LOL  They sound healthy, happy and normal so that is all good news.
    I hope things are still going great for you in your new job.

  2. Susan

    Your Blacky and Lucy are like my Maggie, Dennis, Allie, Gus and Roxie.  They get scolded like children, just like my mother did me.  This morning Roxie, who still hasn\’t taken to Maggie, started the morning rift.  Maggie got sent to another room and Roxie was told to lay down, which she did.  I think it had to do with the tone.  Then Maggie and I had a discussion on how to help Roxie become a better Sister.  And Roxie and I had a discussion on how not to antagonize the Big Sister.  OMG!  I\’ve lost my mind!

  3. June

    We have a "Sassy"  and a "Trini".  Sassy is a small shepard-mix mutt dog that loves to "lay out" in the sun!  She\’s black and brown and must get hot – but she just lays there all stretched out sunbathing! 
    Take care,
    PS   I hate ringtones too!  I don\’t want to hear "Fiddy-cent" laying down his beat when I\’m trying to call you.  Guess that makes me an old fogey too!  Hmph!

  4. Susan

    Hey Pam….Blogging around to wish my friends Happy Weekend!  WhOo HOo!

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