More Bits & Pieces

I confess it was late when I did my post yesterday.  After I hit the "publish" button, I realized a couple of more things I wanted to share 
As part of my new job, I have to make calls to patients to confirm medication orders, arrange for sample pick-up, etc.  A lot of our patients have cell phones instead regular land-line phones.  Something I’ve noticed is that a lot of them have something called ringback tones.  You hear some song instead of the usual ringing sound when you call someone.  Oh. My. Garwsh.  These things are annoying.  And usually it’s a disgusting rap song.  I need to clean my ears out after calling some patients.  Does this mean that I’m an old fogie?  
I ran into my high school sweetheart today.  He was "the one" and I was engaged to him before I met Hubby.  We broke up over 25 years ago (gulp!) and the last time I saw him was about 15 years ago when I ran into him in at one of the big department stores here in town.  Today’s encounter caught me totally off guard.  We both live in the same little town, but we never run into each other.  I thought I recognized him, but I wasn’t sure.  Then he said something and I knew for sure it was him.  The beautiful brown hair was cut a lot shorter than I remembered and he was heavier in the face, but I’d recognize that voice and those eyes anywhere.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I kept my composure, smiled my biggest smile and did the small talk thing for a couple of minutes.  The longest couple of minutes of my life . . .
I have to admit that I haven’t had a week this interesting in a very long time . . . 


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3 responses to “More Bits & Pieces

  1. Beth

    Still no mention of Blacky and Luci??

  2. Nadine

    Sooooo….longest couple of minutes???? Nervous??

  3. Big Dog Mom

    @ Beth – Sorry about that . . . Blacky and Luci are making me crazy running in and out all evening long and begging for cookies.  Luci is enjoying the late summer bugs in the yard.  Japanese beetles, katy-dids, you name it, she chases it.  Blech.  Blacky has taken up permanent residence in front of the AC register in the kitchen.  I promise I\’ll write an entry all about them here in the near future.
    @ Nadine – I was so nervous after I saw him that I had to go back to my office, shut the door, and do some deep breathing exercises to get my heart rate back down.  I didn\’t know whether to laugh, cry, or throw up from the nerves.  The minute I heard his voice, I was 16 again.  After all these years, I somehow expected that I wasn\’t ever going to see him again and I was totally unprepared.  Maybe someday I\’ll write about The High School Romance . . .

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