Bits & Pieces

Lots of little stuff running through my head.  Just have to share . . .
Stopped at the post office tonight to ship a package to Princess and the Grandkids.  Saw something that made me shake my head in wonder.  You know those young guys that wear their jeans low on their hip so their boxers show?  This guy had his jeans down over his butt and had almost ALL of his boxers showing.  The best part?  He was wearing a BELT to make sure the pants didn’t fall down.  His girlfriend was walking three paces ahead of him. 
I saw the commercial for the new season of Grey’s Anatomy.  Seriously?  Oh. My. Gawrsh.  An ad agency was paid a lot of money for this? Seriously?  Seriously.
Miracle Girl (my youngest niece) has signed up to be a cheerleader for the local Pee Wee football team.  She’s a little on the shy side so it’s a big deal for her to want to do something like this.  She was at Mom’s on Tuesday night and we asked her to show off some of her new cheers.  The only way we could convince her to do the cheers was to have someone stand up and do them with her.  The person who did the cheers with Miracle Girl was none other than her daddy.  My Mr. Tough Guy Rock Star Baby Brother stood next to his little 6 year old daughter and did football cheers – including hand motions and jumps – in front of me, Mom & Dad, my sisters, and my nieces.  I just wish I had a camera to capture the moment.  
Princess has been calling and talking to Hubby.  I’m not totally convinced that she’s not up to something and, for Hubby’s sake, I pray that I’m wrong.
Hubby has been getting some interesting referrals for his fishing rod repair business.  The work I’ve been doing putting stuff on the website is paying off – slowly but surely.  One caller even said that Hubby was "highly recommended" by one of the pro fishermen we met at the fishing expo last month.  
Yes, it’s been an interesting week.


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3 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. Debbie

    Hey Pam, Go to see a post from you.  Those low hanging jeans are terrible in my opinion!  I would prefer not to have to look at someones boxers.  Oh, I\’ve been seeing young girls doing it with their g string underwear and that\’s even more gross!  Yuk! lol  Sounds like you and family are doing well.  Hope the dogs are good too!  Hugs, Deb

  2. Beth

    Hi Pam,
    I am always glad to see a post from you.  I know your mind is filled with lots of stuff when you don\’t mention Blacky or Luci. 
    Your week does sound like it has been interesting to say the least.  lol

  3. Nadine

    That dude probably could not walk with his crotch so low to the ground!! I really hate that!!
    Once the Mircle Girl hits the field she will come right outta that shyness….I did!! And look at me now.
    Okay bad example.

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