Lazy Saturday

Not much going on today. It’s one of those wonderful late summer days where there is no agenda and no timeline.  I had a few errands to run this morning and I’ve been doing the laundry.  Hubby is outside with the neighbor who is going to paint the outside of the house this weekend.  Blacky is pacing through the house becuase of the noise the power washer the neighbor is using to clean the outside of the house before he can paint.  Luci is pacing through the house becuase she is afraid she is going to miss something.  

I had Luci out back earlier playing in the pool to distract her, but she wasn’t having any of that.  She knew there was excitement going on in the front of the house and she HAD to be there to see what was going on.  

When I get done with the laundry and I’ll go out back with my iced tea and my cross stitch.  The humidity is much lower today and it’s actually pretty nice outside under the awning on the deck.  

You just gotta love early August lazy Saturdays . . .


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2 responses to “Lazy Saturday

  1. Hi
    how do you like cross stitching. right now I’m into crocheting but would like to stitch for Christmas

  2. bigdogmompam

    I’ve been doing cross stitch for about 20 years. It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. Haven’t had much time for it over the last year or so, but that’s changing!

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