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Things I’ve Missed

I’ll admit that I neglected Blacky and Luci a little bit (a lot?) when I was working at the old job.  With the overtime and the long commute home, sometimes I didn’t have the energy or desire to walk them like I should have.  We would go for our excursions every few days but I felt pretty guilty that they would wait all day for me to get home and then I was too tired to spend any real time with them.  I tried to make it up to them by playing fetch with them in the back yard, but it just wasn’t the same.  The great thing about dogs is they love you unconditionally 100% of the time.  They always gave me a second, third, fourth chance. 
One of the things I promised myself (and them) when I got the new job was that I would be able to spend more time with them.  I get to spend more time with them in the morning before I leave for work, I spend time with them when I’m home at lunch, and we are taking more walks at night.  It’s been wonderful and I can’t believe how much I missed this part of being a Big Dog Mom.  
That being said . . . here’s a glimpse of some of the joys I experienced this week . . .  

Tonight I took both Blacky and Luci on a walk around the block.  Blacky doesn’t normally go with me and Luci, but for some reason tonight he wanted to go.  Luci loves when Blacky walks with us and bounces around like a crazy dog.  Blacky, however, is a dog on a mission and just walks the route without paying much attention to what Luci is doing.  Imagine me with one dog behaving nicely walking ahead of me and the other dog wandering around all over the place.  Luckily, this doesn’t very long since Blacky only walks with us for one block.  I drop Blacky off at home and Luci and I continue on our way.  We’re gone for an another 30 minutes after we drop Blacky at home.  The really funny (strange) thing is that Luci is totally different when it’s just the two of us.  She actually remembers her obedience training and behaves herself. 


There was still a lot of daylight left when we got home, so I decided to let Blacky and Luci play in the pool.  Okay, Luci played in the pool and Blacky went back in the house to enjoy the air conditioning.  When I went inside to let Blacky in the house, Luci knocked the hose out of the pool and made a nice mud hole at the base of the pine tree.  Then she tried to put it back in the pool and sprayed the side of the house.  I still haven’t decided if it was on purpose or an accident. 
After she splashed in the pool a little bit, she got out of the pool and flopped on her back and wiggled her way down the hill.  I have no idea what she was trying to do but she did manage to make her way down the hill – on her back.  Yes, it was very funny to watch.  She also managed to wiggle out of her collar.   
Blacky was a little jealous when I had to dry Luci off after her pool time.  To make it up to him, I spent some time brushing him.  He loves getting groomed.  He’ll sit very patiently while I brush out his coat . . . and that can sometimes take a long time.  Never complains, never wiggles, never flinches.  Every so often, he’ll have to get up and walk around, but he’ll always sit back in the same spot and let me continue brushing and combing him.  When I’m done, he’ll always prance around the yard to show off how beautiful he is.  Then Luci gets jealous and wants me to brush her out.  That doesn’t last very long as she remembers that she’s not a frilly girlie dog and runs off to roll in the grass some more. 
Yes, I’m a lucky girl. 



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