The Best Week Ever

I can’t remember when I’ve had such a wonderful week.  I started the new job on Tuesday and I love it!!  Because of the 4th of July holiday, it was only a three day work week, I got to wear jeans to work today – the new job doesn’t have Casual Fridays, and we got to leave an hour early.  Whoo hoo.  
The new job is wonderful.  The stress level is non-existant at this point.  Yes, I know I’ve only worked three days but at the Large Insurance Agency, I was stressed practically from Day One.  So far everyone has been very nice and helpful.  My new boss is very patient and understanding that all of this is new to me since I’ve never worked in a medical office before.  They’ve explained all the details of the job and what all my responsibilities are and it’s wwwaayyy less than what I was responsible for at the Large Insurance Agency.  I don’t have to answer the switchboard . . . EVER!  I don’t have to order office supplies, or take care of the housekeeping and maintenance issues, or any of the hundreds of little details that I had to deal with on a daily basis.  I have one boss to deal with, one set of responsibilities, one schedule to maintain.  I don’t have any formal medical training, but with all the years of dealing with MIL’s and Hubby’s health issues, I’ve picked up enough to get by.  The Small Regional Hospital is even willing to send me to a medical terminology class to help me.  I go in at 8 a.m., I leave at 5 p.m., and I get to take an hour for lunch.  Somebody pinch me because this must be a dream! 
It’s also my birthday today . . . which is always a wonderful thing!  Even if it is a semi-milestone year.  It’s the year that’s halfway between 40 and 50.  Hubby took me out for dinner tonight and we’re having the Big Family Birthday Party tomorrow night.  I got my present from Hubby last week because I picked it out myself . . . but he made sure I had something to open this morning before I left for work.  I even got one of those Musical Cards.  Awww, isn’t he a sweet Hubby?! 
The commute has been wonderful.  I started out the week with 3/4 of a tank of gas and I still have a little more than a 1/2 a tank left.  It’s only 2.5 miles one way – so even with coming home for lunch it’s less than 10 miles a day.  When I worked for the Large Insurance Agency it was about 50 miles per day.  So my total miles driven this week totals one day’s mileage at the old job.  Not to mention the fact that my commute has gone from 45 minutes one way to less than 10. 
I get an hour for lunch and can come home for lunch every day.  It’s so neat to actually take an hour for lunch and then to be able to come home and see Hubby’s smiling face and get puppy kisses from Blacky and Luci . . . wow.  Yes, I even get to play fetch with them.  No, Beth, I didn’t watch Y&R this week . . . I would only get to watch 15 minutes of it before I have to head back to work.  I still watch it at 7 p.m. on SoapNet.  At the old job, I had an hour for lunch but I was often too busy to take more than a half hour and even that was spent eating at my desk.
The absolute best part, though, is coming home at night and not worrying about what didn’t get done during the day.  Yes, I know that this is all probably just the New Job Glow and it might not last.  But right now, I’m loving every minute of it. 
I knew that I was unhappy before, but I never realized just how unhappy I was until this week. 

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