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The Grand Farewell Tour

No, I’m not leaving MSN Spaces . . . this is a description of my last week at the Large Insurance Agency.  From the minute it became public knowledge that I was leaving, it was a virtual Love Fest for Pammie.  From my co-workers . . . not necessarily from my boss.  All of a sudden I was hearing what a wonderful person I was, how great I was at doing my job, how are we ever going to get along without you. Blah.  Blah. Blah.  Yes, it was all nice to hear but, uh, folks, I had only been at that job for a year.  One year, one month, and one day to be exact.  Not that I’m counting.  
So I gave my notice to Boss Lady and she accepted it without showing any shock or surprise or any emotion whatsoever.  A true HR professional.  I told her the truth.  I wanted a job closer to home and I found it.  I also told her that the job was too big for one person to handle.  There were too many little details that had to be taken care of.  She said she understood the need to be closer to home with gas being $4.00 a gallon and she was happy for me.  As for the job being too big for one person, well, we’ll talk about that later.  I knew what that meant . . . my comments were going to be swept under the rug and forgotten.  Okay, so I would play along and the official corporate version of "why I’m leaving" became the closer to home story.  
The unofficial version was the job is too big for one person to handle.  There are 18 owners, 10 agents, and 100 other employees who potentially need something from me at any given time.  Everything from planning the special events, maintaining the corporate sponsorships, and renewing the memberships and subscriptions.   Not to mention planning the regular monthly meetings, travel arrangements, maintenance and housekeeping issues, and invoice review.  There were a couple of girls that were interested in the job and I gave them my honest opinion.  Yes, it was a bigger paycheck but it was also a lot of hours.  I was averaging 42 to 45 hours a week – and with a 45 minute one way commute it wasn’t worth it. 
I had lunch dates every day for a week.  I got some really cool good-bye gifts from some of my favorite people.  I heard the same wonderful speeches several times last week.  It sure did a lot to boost my confidence.  But I still don’t think that the Boss Lady took my comments seriously. 
Remember how I volunteered to work through the move?  I said it and I meant it.  Boss Lady had other ideas though. She didn’t need me for the move after all.  She told me that I could leave Friday at 3 p.m.  Okay, fine.  Whatever.  But true to form, I left 45 minutes later than planned. 
Yea, I’m glad that chapter of my life is over.   


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