More Details – Part One

I promised more detail on the Rei Lakes event . . . get ready for Part One

1.  Sunshine and alcohol are never a good combination. . . but it makes for some interesting people watching.  It was a beautiful summer weekend.  That is after the rain on Friday.  Lots of sun and warm weather.  There were also a lot of beer vendors at the event.  Of course, there were some people who overindulged.  For instance, the gentleman with no shirt, jean shorts, and a cowboy hat that was dancing up the midway while listening to the bands on Saturday afternoon.  The most interesting part of his attire was the fact that he was wearing white tube socks – and no shoes.  No, I’m not kidding.  

2.   Famous people don’t always look like famous people.  On Sunday morning, Hubby and his BFF were people watching after they set up the booth for the day.  A scruffy looking guy on a cell phone walked by on his way to the stage area.  Hubby said the guy looked like he hadn’t washing his shorts in six months and that he spilled most of his breakfast on his T-shirt.  Right after Scruffy Guy walked by, the organizer of the event walked up to Hubby and asked if they had introduced themselves to John Michael Montgomery (the headliner for that day’s concert).  Hubby said that he would if he saw him . . . turns out Scruffy Guy was John Michael Montgomery.  No, Hubby’s not a big country music fan. 

3.   The Dog Mobile doesn’t have 4 wheel drive, but it sure can drive through some mud.  After the rain on Friday, the pathways at the lake were muddy and had some nice potholes in them.  I had to drive around the lakes to get to the parking area.  As long as I was careful and didn’t go too fast over the potholes, I was able to navigate around nicely.  Of course the Dog Mobile got a little muddy.  Okay, she’s very muddy.  We have to

4.   If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and you don’t want to drive through the mud, why did you drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the first place.  I had to make several trips back and forth from the lake – to check on the dogs, to get stuff Hubby needed – so the little dog mobile looks like I spent the whole weekend muddin’ (it’s term we use when you go four wheelin’ through the mud and the mud gets caked all over your vehicle).  On one of the trips, I got behind a true 4 wheel drive Ford Explorer.  This this was pristine – not a drop of mud or dust on it.  He went 5 miles per hour and deliberately went out of his way to make sure he wouldn’t get mud on his vehicle.  At one point he even pulled off the road and stopped so that an oncoming car wouldn’t splash him.  Curse and swear, curse and swear, filth foul and blackguard.  If it weren’t for the fact that we were between two of the lakes, I would have passed him and gone on my way.  Heck, I saw a guy in a low rider Honda Civic go faster than that Explorer.  Heck, he went even faster than I was going and I was at least being careful of the potholes!  Oh, and Yuppie Explorer guy parked as far away from all the other vehicles as he could. 
5.   The best food in the world is fair food.  Oh, the wonderful things we ate!  A Philly Cheesesteak sandwich that we had to eat with a fork it was so big.  Yummy soft serve ice cream.  The best sweet tea I’ve ever had – and it’s hard to find good sweet tea out some where.  Oh, and the fries.  Good old fashioned home made fair fries.  Ummm mmmm mmmm.  
6.   Sometimes famous people are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  I met Joe Thomas at the event.  He’s a pro fisherman and he was at the expo doing a fishing demonstration and signing autographs.  Even though Hubby has a fishing rod repair business, I really don’t know alot about pro fisherman so I had no idea how famous these pro fishermen were.  I was out on Friday afternoon getting people signed up for the drawing Hubby was having for a fishing rod and reel combo.  I approached the booth where Joe Thomas was and asked if they wanted to enter the drawing. Joe said that he had plenty of rods but thanked me for asking.  It wasn’t until later that I learned who he was and that he gets a lot of free rods from his sponsors – and he would have felt bad winning one from us when there were so many other people there who would love to win our contest.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Oh, and he didn’t have that "Don’t you know who I am?" attitude. 
Stay tuned for Part Two . . .


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4 responses to “More Details – Part One

  1. Beth

    It sounds like a good time.
    I like some of Montgomery\’s songs; Jones he is not.  LOL  It is funny your hubby didn\’t recognize him.  If he smiled I would recognize him because of his dimples I think.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    You know, that was the first thing I said to Hubby . . .How could you not recognize those dimples!?  Hubby said if he was wearing his cowboy hat he would have recognized him.  We had a wonderful time at the expo.  It sure didn\’t seem like work!

  3. Debbie

    Hi Pam, Sorry to have gotten to your post so late.  Thanks for the update on the expo list.  Sounds like you had a good time.  I have to agree with you and Beth on the dimples with John Michael!  He must have looked pretty scruffy though from the sounds of it!  From all his covers, he appears to be so clean cut!  At least the ones that I\’ve seen of him.  I\’ll check in again for part two later!  Have a nice evening, how many days til the new job?  Bet you\’re looking forward to it, huh?

  4. Susan

    OMG!  These are funny.  Can\’t wait to go to part 2.  But isn\’t it the truth about the 4WD?  If you\’re that anal, or can\’t afford water to wash it, maybe you should have stayed at home!  lol  On to part 2….

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