Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

Short & Sweet

Been a busy week.  Crazy at work getting ready for company picnic and more stuff on the move.  I’m so busy that I can’t see straight.  I planned to leave tonight at 4:30 – my regular quitting time – because I’m going to a concert here in a few minutes with MIL.  I didn’t leave until almost 5.  I’m just grateful that the concert is here in my little town and I don’t have to drive for an hour to get to the venue. 
The interview went well.  They were impressed with my secretarial background and all my many years of experience.  The job sounded very interesting and like something I’d really enjoy.  The best part is . . . the job is SEVEN MINUTES from the house.  It takes me SEVEN MINUTES to walk from the parking garage to my desk now.  The thought that I could come home for lunch is mind boggling.  Yes, I know, I need a life. 
I’m here.  I’m doing well.  I’ve accepted the fact that my current job just isn’t working out for me.  To paraphrase my mother . . . with over 20 years of experience in my field, I shouldn’t have to work this hard. 
Needless to say, I’m feeling much better about things . . .


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