The Yard Sale

We survived.  Sold lots of stuff.  Stuff that didn’t sell is loaded in Hubby’s truck and he’ll take it to Goodwill on Tuesday.  We kept our promise of not bringing anything back in the house.  Well, I have to admit there were a couple of things that I decided I couldn’t part with just yet. 
Friday was the busiest day.  Saturday wasn’t too bad.  Sunday was very extremely slow.  We probably would have been better off to have a one day sale.  
The weather was pretty chilly most of the time.  This afternoon was the first time I was not wearing a sweatshirt.  But at least it didn’t rain.
When having a yard sale, never under estimate the power of a cute puppy on the porch to get people to stop.  Luci really turned on the charm.
I thought Hubby and I would get on each other’s nerves over the weekend.  So far that hasn’t happened.  Surprise.  Surprise!!
My feet hurt.  My legs hurt.  My bottom hurts (fromsitting on cold concrete steps).  
Did I mention that I hate yard sales??


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3 responses to “The Yard Sale

  1. Beth

    You did mention it a time or two,  I am glad you did well thoughl  I still have stuff on tables in the garage from my last sale and I am going to open up my garage again on Friday when my neighbor across the alley has her sale.  No advertising needed.

  2. Debbie

    Stuff…Stuff…a place for your stuff.  Have you ever seen that skit by George Carlin when he\’s taking about stuff?  It\’s funny!  Then there\’s that Steve Martin movie, I think the title is "The Jerk" where he is talking about what he\’s gotta have and can\’t live without.  The list just gets longer and longer.  LOL  Anyway, I hope that you feel freer than you did when you started.  Did you have any more drive bys?  LOL  Hope that you have a restful Memorial Day Monday.   Hugs to you and Luci, Deb

  3. Nadine

    My sister and I had a yard sale. We thought we would have it for 2 days…it was only one!
    We sold absolutely NOTHING!!!!
    So we loaded all the stuff up to go to Cash for Clothes.
    We sold $10 worth of clothes….they picked over everything and we had lots!!!
    So much stuff left over…we didn\’t want to haul all back home so we walked directly outta Cash for Clothes across the parking lot to the Salvation Army drop off truck and gave it to them!!!
    Took our $10 to the local Mexican food place we love and drowned our sorrows in refried beans and cheese dip!!!
     I have never had another yard sale!!
    I just load up the stuff and go directly to the Salvation Army!!!

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