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Today’s Events – Take 2

I had an entry all typed and ready to post.  Hit the Publish Entry link and got the dreaded . . . . "the service is temporarily unavailable" message.  Which means the entry is gone with the wind . . . never to be seen again. 
Curse and swear.  Curse and swear.  Curse and swear.  Log off and go eat supper.  
It’s been a really long day. 
Today was the first day of The Yard Sale,  Now I remember why I hate having a yard sale.  It was fairly successful.  Sold lots of stuff, but we have a lot more to sell.  Anything not sold by the end of the day on Sunday is being donated to charity.  Hubby and I have an agreement that none of the stuff is coming back into the house.  Weather didn’t totally cooperate.  It was mostly overcast today and slightly chilly.  I spent the day freezing.  Who would think we would be wearing sweatshirts on Memroial Day Weekend.  The dogs were busy checking out the customers.  Luci wanted to visit because she thought her adoring public had come to see her.  Blacky didn’t understand why all the strange people where in his yard. 
One funny highlight that I have to share.  Hubby and I were amazed at the number of drive by viewings we had today.  People would drive up to the house, slow down to look at what we had for sale, and then drive away if they didn’t see anything that interested them.  The only thing we could figure was there were so many yard sales today in our Little Town that they didn’t want to waste time if we didn’t have anything good.  Every time it happened, Hubby and I would laugh ourselves silly.  
We were so tired after we finished for the day that the whole family – Hubby, me, Blacky, and Luci – all took naps before supper.  
One day down . . . two days left of the sale.  Then Monday is a day of rest. 


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