Tag, You’re It

A little while ago, Susan from Life In A Box  tagged me to disclose six quirky things about me.  I really meant to do this when she tagged me, but life got in the way and I never finished the blog.  I’ve finally finished this list so here we go:
Rules of the Game
Link the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules in your blog.
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.
Leave comments with each person you tag making them painfully aware that you have tagged them. 
  1. At work, I have to open Outlook first,  if it’s not the first thing in my task bar, I will close all the programs and reopen them so that Outlook is next to the START button.
  2. I can only wear Levi’s 550 jeans boot cut relaxed fit jeans.  Yes, they’re guy jeans.  I take after my Dad’s side of the family and I have no girlie shape .  Levis are the only jeans that fit me right.  Believe me I’ve tried.  I was in high school during the Calvin Klein, Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt jean era and I could never find a pair to fit me.  
  3. When I go shopping at my regular places (grocery, Wal-Mart, local mall) I always park in the same general area.  Not that I’m suffering from a serious case of OCD, it’s easier for me to find the car.
  4. I have a 100 page rule for any book that I’m reading.  If I can’t get interested in it by the 100th page, I stop reading the book.  Life’s too short to force yourself to finish a book you don’t like. 
  5. Shopping carts MUST be returned to the cart corral.  I ALWAYS return my cart when I’m done with it.  I’ve even been known to return stray carts to the cart corral if I see them lost and forlorn in the parking lot.  Drives Hubby CRAZY that I do this.  
  6. When I’m grocery shopping, I have to go down every aisle – even if I don’t need anything in that aisle.  If I accidently skip an aisle, I’ll go back to that aisle so that I can continue in my regular pattern. 
Yea, all of the above items are truly quirks of my personality.  I’m supposed to tag six people for this . . . but almost everyone I know has already done this.  So feel free to play along!  

BTW – Hubby made it home safe and sound from the bowling tournament.  He even brought me a present!  

PS – Happy Mother’s Day!!



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4 responses to “Tag, You’re It

  1. Susan

    I like #3.  That is SO me!  I have to park in the same area and then look at what aisle # I am on.  Otherwise, I can\’t find myself!  hee hee.
    Did hubby win any trophies?
    Happy day!

  2. Beth

    My book rule is 20 pages and if I\’m not interested I don\’t go any further, plus I always read the last few pages before I start the book.

  3. Beth

    My book rule is 20 pages and if I\’m not interested I don\’t go any further, plus I always read the last few pages before I start the book.

  4. Pamela

    I am also guilty of #5 and #6.

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