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Yea, yea, yea.  I know.  I promised interesting stuff from my last entry and I haven’t delivered.  Sorry about that.  It’s been a bus week.  I do promise that I’ll write all those interesting entries.  But today I have something special to write about. 
My oldest nephew, Rocketman, is graduating from college today.  He’s the first person in my family to graduate with a four year degree.  Little Sister and I have both graduated with Associate’s Degrees . . . Rocketman is getting a BS degree of some sort.  It has a long complicated title that I don’t happen to remember at the moment. 
I call him Rocketman in honor of the Toledo Rockets . . . Nephew is graduating from the University of Toledo.  He was enrolled in the pharmacy program – he’s going to be a drug rep.  He originally wanted to be a pharmacist, but he wasn’t able to get into the pharmacy program.  So he went into one of the other pharmacy programs there.  He’s got a good job and he’ll be moving to Cleveland soon.  I’m very proud of him and excited for his future.  I’m a little sad that he’s going to be so far away.  Cleveland is about 3 hours away from the little town where we all live.  
Like I said earlier, I’m very proud of Rocketman.  He’s always been a very smart kid.  Entered the local school district’s gifted program in the 6th grade.  Was the district spelling bee champ three years straight.  Was one of 6 valedictorians at his high school in 2003.  Yes, his high school had 6 kids that tied for valedictorian. . . and 4 kids that were salutatorians.  You have no idea how unbelievebly long the speeches were at his high school graduation.  He’s also involved with our parish church.  Was a youth leader during high school.  Helps every summer with the Vacation Bible School.  Last but not least . . . he’s a big sports fan.  Plays golf as often as his schedule allows, played baseball and golf in high school.  Worked two part-time jobs all through school.  One as a parking supervisor for the parking service at He’s a all around good guy.  Well adjusted.  Pleasant.  Devoted to his family.  Oh, and cute as can be!! 
If it sounds like I’m a doting aunt . . . I am!!  I can’t imagine being smart enought to take even half of the classes he took in high school – much less some of the college classes!  He’d tell me about some of the stuff that he was studying and I’d just shake my head.  Organic Chemistry.  Some kind of physics and math that I never did quite understand.  And he was consistently in the top of his class. 
Congratulations, Rocketman.  You did good!!  I see a very bright future ahead of you.  Don’t worry . . . . your mom will get used to the idea that you live in Cleveland.  She got used to you being in Toledo . . . she’ll get used to this!   


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