There are a lot of things rattling around in my head.  I just need some time to sit and think about them enough to get them out on paper.  Here’s a snapshot of some of those items.
End of an era #1- I learned over the weekend that the little drive-in in the neighborhood where I grew up isn’t opening up this year.  The owner decided to sell the property to a local church.  The little drive in was still profitable for the owner . . . he just got an offer he didn’t think he could refuse.  Something about it being wasteful for the land to sit empty most of the year. 
Sonic opened a new restaurant here in my little town last month.  Remember that big snowstorm that we had back in early March?  Yea, that weekend.  Hubby and I finally got a chance to visit there a couple of weeks ago for supper.  Oh.  My.  Gawrsh.  It’s as good as I remember from the last time we went there with Princess.  Especially the onion rings.  Yea, the onion rings are fan-tab-ulous.  
The weather has turned warmer.  If it weren’t for the fact that it’s going to get cool again tomorrow I’d turn on the AC.  Who ever heard of turning on the AC in April in Ohio?!
Little Brother’s birthday party went well.  I still can’t believe my baby brother is 39.  Or that I’m staring 45 in the face.  
I’m working hard to get ready for the office move at the end of the June.  Just when I think I’ve got a handle on all the things that need to get done, I discover more things that I have to take care of.  Most of them are minor – like making sure I get a duplicate set of keys for all the new cubicles.  Some of them are not minor – we’re having four separate open house events for four different sets of guests.  Yea, my summer is gonna be just loads of fun. 
The one year anniversary of my hysterectomy was last week.  Again with the "where did the time go" theme.  Is this a sign of old age? 
End of an era #2 – I learned tonight that the manager of the little locally owned parking garage that I park at for work is retiring at the end of the month.  And the entire crew of guys that work for him are leaving too.  I guess the new owners aren’t being very nice to them so the crew isn’t going to stick around.  So the new owners are bringing in a management company and we (the people who park there) have no idea what kind of changes are going to happen. 
Knitting class went well.  I’m really excited about all the possibilities.  
I promise that I’ll sort through this and get some interesting stuff posted soon . . .


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7 responses to “Snapshot

  1. Beth

    Have you started knitting anything yet?  I revived my knitting from 20 years ago and I made 2 pair of houseslippers and then I just quit.  I have all of this yarn so I need to get busy again.
    There is a Sonic Drive In in Champaign but I have never been to it.  It is across the street from the huge Krafts Foods factory so it is busy all day.

  2. Big Dog Mom

    @beth – I\’m still working on my scarf from class.  It appears that I did something horribly wrong and it ended up lopsided.  So the instructor had me start over.  I\’m being very careful this time.  I have tension control issues . . .

  3. Gina

    I\’ve never had the patience to learn knitting. I don\’t know why… I used to cross-stitch about a million years ago and loved it – I can sit still and read for hours on end but… just can\’t knit. Maybe I have two left hands? Best of luck to you though – I really wish I could do it!

  4. Susan

    Hey Pam!  You have been tagged.  Stop over at my place and see what the game is.  As for the end of era\’s, I have a lot of that sometimes it seems.  I think it is a mid life thing.  I\’ll be 43 this year.  I think the kicker is deja vu when something happens and you just know you\’ve done that already.  Yup.  At our age, things are bound to start repeating!  lol

  5. Unknown

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