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OMG I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I wrote a post.  Okay . . . here’s the latest from the Dog Mobile Family
The Easter Dinner Family Gathering At My House went off nicely.  There was some drama and I knew there would be so it didn’t freak me out.  Yes, it was MIL drama, but it was nothing major.  Right after she got here, she was complaining that she didn’t feel well and that she was going back home.  I told her I was sorry she would miss the dinner, but I understood.  I even offered to fix her a plate and have SIL drive her back home.  Before she could make up her mind about that, she had a dizzy spell.  I let Hubby and SIL fuss over her.  I had a lovely Easter dinner sitting on the table getting cold.  Besides, she said that she was fine and that she didn’t want to spoil the dinner.  I took her at her word.  Does that make me a bad person?  After about 15 minutes, she joined us at the dinner table and ate a little bit.  Mostly she picked at what we put on her plate, but at least she ate something.  The food was yummy.  With the exception of the MIL drama, we all had a good time.  And there were enough left overs to last all week. 
Yesterday, Hubby and I went to visit my Mom and Dad.  They needed Hubby to fix a couple of electrical outlets in the living room.  The house my folks live in was built in 1962 and it still has the original electrical outlets.  When I was growing up, my Dad did all the home repairs, but his eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be and he needs a little help in the home repair dept.  Hubby is a whiz at that kind of stuff and he was happy to help Dad.  I think it took us longer to drive out to Mom and Dad’s house (they live about 15 miles away from us) than it did for us to fix the outlets.  Mom even paid Hubby for his work . . . with homemade ham salad.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Hubby loves my Mom’s homemade ham salad.  Hubby told her that he didn’t expect payment for his work but if she felt she really must pay him, then it would be rude for him to refuse.  
Luci went for her annual shots yesterday morning . . . before the trip to visit my folks.  The good news is that she’s very healthy.  The bad news is that she’s considered overweight and we need to get her to lose a few pounds.  That means cutting back on the treats, talking Hubby out of the full bowl of food at all times policy that he’s always had with the dogs, and lots of exercise.  Some of the weight is because of the lack of exercise over the winter, but I think a good part of it is that we’ve just overfeed the dogs.  Blacky doesn’t have a weight problem because he’s not as food motivated as Luci.  My biggest downfall is her big brown eyes . . . she looks at me with them and I give her anything she wants.  So instead of giving her treats, I’ll be giving her love and attention and playing lots of fetch and going for lots of walks.  
The final piece of news this week is that I’m taking a class at the local community college this week.  Yep, I’m going back to school.  I’m taking a class called "Knitting for Beginners".  Okay, stop laughing!  I saw the class in the Spring Quarter Continuing Education brochure and thought it would be fun.  I’ve always wanted to learn to knit and have even tried to teach myself.  The results aren’t too bad, but I could use a little help.  It’s just a two week course so it won’t take up a lot of time.  I thought Hubby would make fun of me, but he’s actually being very supportive. 
So my big task for today is to go find the materials I need for my class . . . yarn and knitting needles!


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