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On Thursday, the birds were singing.  The sun was shining.  It was 54 degrees outside.  It was bright and sunny when I came home from work.  Yea!!  If the weather stays nice, I’ll be able to start my nightly walks with Luci when I come home from work.  Yippeee!!!
Today is a little different.  I don’t think it will get above 30 degrees or so.  It’s snowing/sleeting/raining.  What falls out of the sky depends on what the temperature is.  And it’s the day before Easter.  I feel sorry for all the little kids at the Easter egg hunts.  I’m glad that the weather seems to be changing for the better.  I just wish it would stick around for more than a day or two.  And I’m really sick of snow. 
I tried really hard to talk Hubby into taking the family out somewhere for Easter dinner or at least doing the "pre-made" dinner from Krogers.  Nope.  He won’t hear of it.  He’s so excited about having our first Easter at home that he’s like a kid at Christmas.  He’s doing the hard stuff – cooking the ham and the turkey breast.  I have to do the side dishes and the deviled eggs.  Oh, yea, and clean the house.  But I also know that he’ll be helping with the clean up after everyone leaves.  I have a feeling that we’re starting a tradition and Easter is going to be at my house from now on.  
While I’m cleaning the house and getting ready for the big family dinner, I’m reminding myself that I’m doing this for Hubby.  I know it’s going to be noisy with so many people in the house . . .and it will be too cold and/or muddy for the kids to go outside.  I know that MIL probably won’t eat anything and will more than likely complain about everything.  But Hubby is getting something he’s always wanted . . . a family dinner at our house.  My side of the family does this kind of thing all the time.  His side of the family rarely (okay, almost never) does this.  I know how much I enjoy the family gatherings with my family so I hope that this turns out as well for Hubby.  But I’ve been a part of his fairly odd and dysfunctional family for 25 years now and I have a feeling he’s going to be disappointed. 
It’s going to be a fun weekend.  


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