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MIL is still in the hospital.  They are running all sorts of tests to determine what exactly happened to her on Tuesday.  Was it a mini-stroke?  Is it a bad case of vertigo?  Is is the pinched nerve in her neck acting up?  We’re waiting (not very patiently) for the test results.  The family doc decided to keep her for at least one more day.  She’s getting meds to help with the dizziness, the nausea, and the horrible headache.  She’s also a tad dehydrated so she’s on IV fluids. 
I’ve always said that if MIL is complaining about something, then she’s fine.  It’s when she stops complaining that Hubby and I know that something serious is wrong.  See, MIL is a "glass half empty" kind of person and being stuck in a hospital brings out the best of that part of her personality.  The bed is uncomfortable.  The nurses are waking her up in the middle of the night for meds and bloodwork.  The other people on the floor are too noisy.  The food is bad.  It’s something that Hubby and I have gotten used to over the years when dealing with MIL and her health issues. It’s our routine. 
How sad is it that we have a hospital routine?  We do the same things in the same order every time that MIL is in the hospital.  Over the past 10 years or so, she’s been in the hospital quite a bit.  We recognize the nurses on the heart floor and in the ER and we know them by name.  What’s even scarier is that they know us by name.  I know that I always have to have a current list of MIL’s meds and medical history on me to make check-in easier. I know what things to pick up at her house when she’s admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis.  I always buy her two bottles of diet Coke from the hospital cafeteria after she’s assigned a room and Hubby stops at the gift shop and buys her trash tabloids.  I check the phone and the TV remote to make sure she knows where it is and Hubby adjust the blinds on the window.  We’ve done it so often that it’s second nature.    
So even though we are facing a new medical issue this time, the routine is basically the same.  Maybe that’s why we aren’t completely freaked out about the "mini-stroke" label just quite yet.  


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Daily Drama

We survived the blizzard like conditions over the weekend.  We ended up with 17 inches of snow.  Level 3 snow emergency Saturday afternoon – that means no driving unless you’re an emergency worker or a road crew.
Roads were better in time for me to go back to work on Monday morning.  We were back down to a Level 1 snow emergency – that means driving will be hazardous.  Got to work okay but had some kind of icky bug that made me tired and have a headache all day.  Made it through work, but came home and slept most of the evening. 
Daylight Savings Time started on Sunday.  I had planned on starting Luci’s nightly walks again after work but the snow and the icky flu bug changed that plan.
I feel better today (Tuesday), weather is warmer, snow is melting.  Thinking happy thoughts on the way home.  Until I got home and discovered that Hubby and I had to go to the ER at the local hospital because the ambulance was taking MIL there from her part-time job at the movie theatre.  She was having a dizzy spell and scared the you know what out of her co-workers.  Turns out that MIL  may have had a small stroke.  They are keeping her for observation to find out for sure what caused the dizzy spell and to see if a big stroke is on the way. 
Yea, it’s been a fun week so far . . .


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