Saturday Morning

Yep, it’s still snowing.  And Luci keeps going outside to play.  I was outside with her at 8 a.m. this morning playing with her.  In my jammies, my winter coat, and my snow boots.  I’m either crazy or a devoted doggie mommy . . . . I prefer to think I’m a devoted doggie mommy

We probably have about a foot of snow on the ground now and it’s going to keep snowing until late afternoon.  My little county is still under a Level 2 snow emergency and just about everything is closed.  The news guys are telling everyone that if they don’t have to go out, then don’t.  Fine with me!!  Thankfully it’s a Saturday and I can stay in the house for a couple of days.  By the look of things, though, it might be longer than that before I get out.  

The neighborhood cat that thinks it lives at my house has been here in the house with us since yesterday afternoon.  Fluffy used to live across the street from Hubby and me.  A couple of years ago, Fluffy’s owner got a dog that Fluffy didn’t like and Fluffy decided to run away from home and became the neighborhood cat.  We all feed him and look out for him.  He hangs out at different houses – I think depending on who has the better food – and he normally isn’t a "stay in the house" kind of cat.  Yes, Fluffy is a boy.  His previous owner named him before he realized that Fluffy was really a boy.  When I got home yesterday afternoon, Fluffy was sitting on the couch.  I have Hubby a funny look because Fluffy rarely stays in the house for more than a couple of minutes because Luci won’t leave him alone.  I guess Fluffy decided that putting up with Luci was better than being outside in the blizzard.  Right now Fluffy is trying to find a place to get away from Luci . . . and Luci is following Fluffy around like, well, a puppy.  

I’m surprised that Hubby isn’t up and outside playing with his snowblower. He’s been sad all season that we hadn’t really gotten enough snow to get it out but that all changed yesterday afternoon.  The more it snowed, the happier he got.  Hubby spent a lot of his growing up years in California and didn’t really have a lot of exposure to snow.  He moved back to Ohio permanently when he was in the 7th grade and ever since, he LOVES snow.  I like snow and understand it’s part of living in Ohio, but his man loves the stuff.  Used to go sledding with the kids when they were little, leaves for work early so he can find an empty parking lot and do donuts with his truck, gets as excited as a little kid when he gets to play with his snowblower.  I have to admit it’s kind of nice that he’s so excited about it . . . I don’t have to do much shoveling!!

Now I just need to decide how to spend this glorious snow day.  I’m hoping to take pictures but I just discovered that my camera batteries are low – and wouldn’t you know that’s the one thing I didn’t pick up at the store the other day. 


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3 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. Beth

    I guess you know by now that I am sick of snow.  I am glad though that you, hubby and Luci and Blacky are having fun in it.

  2. Nadine

    I love snow too….and I don\’t get it enough. And of course Okies have no idea how to drive on it!!
    Enjoy your snow day!!

  3. Jim

    I LOVE new toys.  I would be outside with my fancy new snow blower just pushing the snow here and there.  That is, if I had a snow blower or even snow.

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