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The National Weather Service just issued a Blizzard Warning for my little part of the world.  It started out as a Winter Storm Watch with an expected snowfall of 2 – 4 inches.  Then the snow started and they changed it to a Winter Storm Warning with an expected snowfall of 6 – 8 inches.  Now it’s a full fledged Blizzard and we’re going to get 10 – 13 inches. 
The snow started after I got to work and I kept an eye on the weather reports and the road conditions to see just how bad it was getting.  I had a few things to do and had already decided to leave about 1 p.m. – then they decided to close the office at 2 p.m.  I still left at 1:00 . . . no point in waiting until the last minute.  On the drive home, Hubby called me to tell me that our little county had declared a Level 2 snow emergency.  That just means you really shouldn’t be out driving.   Luckily I wasn’t too far from home when I got that little piece of news. 
I made it home a little more than an hour after I left the office.  Not bad considering that it normally takes me about 45 minutes to drive home.  The highways weren’t too bad.  They were actually in better shape than the city streets here in my little town.  But it was still a very stressful drive home and I was never so happy to pull up in front of the house and see Hubby and Luci waiting at the front door for me. 
Once I got inside, I had to call my Mom and Dad to let them know I was home safe and sound.  Dad worries about my long drive home from work in this kind of weather and I knew he’d be worried if he thought I was out in a Level 2 Snow Emergency.  Then I poured myself a Rum and Coke.  See, I don’t like driving in snowy weather and today’s drive home was a little stressful for me.  Oh, and I ate a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies while watching The Guiding Light.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a winter afternoon. 
Now that I’m here at home, this is where I’m planning to spend the next couple of days.  I have my cross-stitch, a couple of good books, and some DVD’s that I got for Christmas that I haven’t watched yet.  Oh, and I might post a couple more blog entries . . . 


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