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He Finally Listened

It only took three days, but Hubby finally listened to me.  He said that he would go to the doctor if I could get him in today.  I think he figured that with all the flu bugs going around, the doctor’s office would be packed and I’d never be able to get him an appointment.  I called at 1 p.m. and got Hubby an appointment for 4:30.  To say the very least, he was shocked that I was able to pull it off.  Never underestimate the determination of a wife that’s scared for her hubby’s health.  It also helps to have a family doc with a small practice.  
He went to the appointment and it’s officially the flu . . . and the head cold is starting to settle in his chest.  If he hadn’t gotten in when he did, it could have been as bad as I had imagined.  If he didn’t look so sick and feel so miserable, I’d be doing the "I told you so!" lecture.  Honestly, though, I’m happy that he listened and we have something stronger than Sudafed and Cepacol to help with the symptoms.  And I’m really happy that we got him to the doc before it became pneumonia or bronchitis.  
Even though he listened and he went to the doc, he’s still being a stubborn man.  It took me all day to convince him that he needed to see the doc.  He went to work even when I told him he should stay home.  He’s bowling tonight because he thinks that if he’s well enough to work, he’s well enough to bowl.  He’s a crabby cranky grouch.  The crabbier he is, the nicer I’m being.  It’s totally annoying him . . . and that makes it worth it because you know I’m going to use it against him the next time I’m sick!


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