Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

Watch What You Wish For

You might end up with it.  It’s something my mom has always told us kids.
Guess what?!  It’s true!!
I’ve been sick and tired of the cold weather for a while now and have told people that it wouldn’t be so bad if we could have a little snow to go along with it.  At least it wouldn’t be so dreary and gray. 
We got the snow.  Lots of it.  About 6 or 7 inches of the pretty fluffy stuff that looks almost fake.  Then the temperatures dropped to zero. With the freezing fog, the trees were beautiful against the backdrop of the newly fallen snow.  Colder than you-know-what, but really pretty.
Then another storm front came in and we got another couple of inches of snow.  And then the snow turned to ice and freezing rain.  So the pretty fluffy snow is all crusty and hard.  Now we have to worry about the weight of the ice on top of the snow and the possibility of the power lines coming down.  And the slick roads.  And falling off the steps on the back deck. 
I’m not complaining about the cold weather and I’m not complaining about the snow.  I am complaining about the ice.  Especially when the ice covered snow slides off the pine tree in the back yard and lands on top of me when I’m putting stuff in the recycle bin.  
Go ahead and laugh.  I did because it was really funny. 


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