In Awe of America’s Marines

If you haven’t already seen the commerical called "America’s Marines", please click on the link below.  It’s just way too cool not to share.  I saw it the night it first aired during American Idol.  It gave me goose bumps.    
Regardless of how you feel about the military or the war in Iraq, you have to admit that this is cool.  Can you even imagine how many hours of training and hard work it takes to do that stuff?  And to do it in full dress uniform (including gloves) and not flinch, or giggle, or drop your rifle?  How do they do those moves without making any noise?  I’ll admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for The Marines.  I’m the proud daughter of a U.S. Marine . . . my Dad served during the Korean War.  I’ve always been in awe of the Silent Drill Platoon.    
Like I said before, this is just too cool not to share. 


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4 responses to “In Awe of America’s Marines

  1. Jim

    What not to love about Marines?!?!?! They go in first, kick butt and forget about taking names.  No need.
    Malo Mori Quam Foedari

  2. Beth

    I am very proud of all of our military branches.  My husband was a Korean War vet and all 3 of my brothers were retired military.
    Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Susan

    Hey Pam…..I don\’t agree with the war.  I think I\’ve forgotten why we went in the first place….But I have to support our men and woman.  I work with several folks, men and woman, who have served in Iraq among other areas.  All I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  4. JustinsAuntPatricia

    I actually saw this commerical last month (Marine Mom shared the link) and it made me smile and cry at the same time. I remember how Justin used to be able to do this and now cannot since he\’s paralyzed on his left side still.
    Thank you for sharing this link with everyone; hope everyone is doing well!

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