I Blame SpellCheck and Auto Correct

I took Business Office Education classes in high school.  I have an Associates Degree in Executive Secretarial Technology.  I’ve been typing for well over 30 years.  (GASP!)  I used to type between 80 and 90 words a minute.  Then the world discovered Microsoft Word and the glorious feature that is Spell Check and Auto Correct.  According to the website – Speedtest – how fast are you typing? – I now type 69 word per minute. 
All those years of typing class down the drain . . .


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5 responses to “I Blame SpellCheck and Auto Correct

  1. Jim

    I DEPEND on speel check and auto correct.  I have found that some words I spell incorrectly on purpose becuae I know it is shorter and the auto correct featuer will add the missing letters.  How is that for laziness?

  2. Beth

    I agree with Jim on this one.  I have come to depend on this to correct for me.  Too bad this wasn\’t around when I was a secretary 100 years ago.

  3. Dori

    Ok, I used to be pretty darn fast also, but just took the test and now – only 64 words per minute!!  Oh well, at least we can still type!

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