Turnabout Is Fair Play

I had a whole long blog entry ready about how Hubby is twanging on my last nerve with this semi-retirement thing.  But I deleted it because it sounded way too whiney. 
The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version is that it hasn’t panned out quite the way he said it would.  We’ve been lucky and the fishing rod repair business has taken off and the business has been pretty steady.  The part that hasn’t quite panned out is the "helping around the house" part.  Hubby is enjoying being semi-retired.  After working so hard most of his life – and working an average of 45 hours a week for the 25 years we’ve been together – I can’t begrudge the guy some goof-off time. 
But, but, but . . . there are days when I grumble under my breath that supper isn’t waiting on me when I get home from work . . . and I pout a little on Friday mornings when I have to get up and go to work and he’s still sleeping. . . .and now I’m the one working 42 hours a week.  
Yes, I know it’s completely selfish and I should say something to him about it.  But when I listen to him talk about how much he enjoys fixing the fishing rods and how much he enjoys leaving his job at 4 p.m. every day and having Friday’s off, I just can’t bring myself to do it. 
Because I remember what he went through to put me through college when we were first married.
Small price to pay, don’t ya think?    


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4 responses to “Turnabout Is Fair Play

  1. Beth

    I think you are a very lucky lady!!!!

  2. Susan

    Hey Pam,  So how is the weather today?  **Jeesh~!** Ours is a mild 30 degrees.  I am off work today, and Lauren is out of school for some reason.  I, too, should be working on laundry.  I will as soon as I am finished blogging.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Brenda

    Something is very wrong with this picture… he needs to do more around the house now that he\’s home more.  That should be a given.  If I were you, I\’d sit down and have a nice \’adult\’ talk about the NEW RULES.  You\’re not a maid, and he\’s a big boy now!
    On a side note, I do hope you\’re still enjoying that day of rest?  You deserve that and more. 🙂

  4. JustinsAuntPatricia

    Sorry that I\’ve been away for so long but I just posted an entry to \’splain why!
    Some people may not agree with me on this issue, but beloved and I have a traditional marriage. He takes care of the outside of the house, pays the bills and I take care of the inside of the house and buy the groceries. But since he was home for about six weeks due to a medical issue, he had dinner ready for me about half of the time when I got home from work. It was wonderful but it would never expect this every day. I agree with you that it\’s a small price to pay for putting you through college; but it WOULD be nice once in a while.

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