Monday, Monday

Okay, I’m dawdling.  There are things I need to do but I don’t feel like doing them. 
I should be finishing the laundry.  Yech.  I’m sick of laundry.  How can two people go through so many clothes?  
I should be gathering tax stuff.  We have all the stuff in.  I just need to make sense of it all and get it in a form that the accountant can understand.  Or maybe I will be brave and see if I can do them myself.
I took Luci for a walk tonight.  First time we’ve been out in a while.  Believe it or not, it was actually still light enough for us to go for a walk when I got home from work.  It’s a dreary rainy overcast day but Luci didn’t mind.  Blacky didn’t go with us this time.  He had more fun staying inside watching the news.
I should be fixing myself something for supper.  But I don’t know what I want and it’s not fun cooking for one.  Hubby is bowling tonight so I’m home all alone.
I’m watching Wheel of Fortune.  Because I can’t find the remote to change the channel.  I think Blacky might have done something with it while he was watching the news.
I’m surfing the net to see the Super Bowl Commercials.  I missed the first half of the game yesterday because I was at a family birthday party.  My littlest niece had her 6th birthday party yesterday.  Although I did discover the joy of a DVR with rewind.  Who knew you could rewind a commercial?! 
Okay . . . time to get serious about the evening’s activities . . . that laundry isn’t going to fold itself. 
Oh, and dinner this evening will be spaghetti.

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One response to “Monday, Monday

  1. Beth

    mmmm….you know I love spaghetti!
    Fold the laundry, eat your supper and just chill out with Luci and Blacky.  Everything else can wait.

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