Not What I Had In Mind

There’s a 6-1/2 year age difference between Blacky and Luci.  I thought that since Blacky is such a wonderfully obedient well-behaved dog, that the age difference would work in my favor and Blacky would use his Big Brother role to be a good influence on Luci and calm down her impulsive puppy ways.  Boy was I wrong. 
Blacky has always been a good dog.  Never dug holes in the yard.  Once he got through the puppy stage, he never chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to.  He always came when he was called.  Heels and follows very well while we are walking.  Just an overall well behaved baby boy.  I was hoping that Luci would learn by following his example.  Seems like the opposite has happened.  Luci is teaching her big brother a thing or two and not always in a positive way. 
She’s teaching him that if they both sit and look at me with sad brown eyes, they will get extra doggie treats.  The only time Blacky willingly sits quietly next to Luci is when food is involved.  This really isn’t such a bad thing since I think Blacky is a little on the thin side – but then Luci is a little on the chunky side. 
She’s taught him how to "knock and run" at the back door.  If they are outside and they want me to come play with them, they will scratch at the back door and then run away so that I have to come outside to see what they want.  Once I get outside, they will bark at me until I play a few rounds of fetch with them.  
Somehow she always knows when it’s 5:30 a.m. – even on the weekends.  I get up at 5:30 during the week and the first thing I do is feed them breakfast.  I like to sleep in on the weekend, but Luci has other ideas.  She’s figured out that if she stares at me long enough, I’ll get up and fix them breakfast.  And she’s taught that trick to Blacky.  So now I have the two of them sitting by my side of the bed dropping toys to get my attention so they can have their breakfast.  The good news is that if I get up and feed them, they usually let me go back to bed until about 8:30.  They rarely ever let me sleep later than 8:30.  I had hoped that Blacky would teach Luci that Mommy likes to sleep late on the weekend. 
When I told Hubby about all this, he told me that there was a reason we named her Lucifer . . .


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3 responses to “Not What I Had In Mind

  1. Beth

    Hooray for Blacky and Luci.  You know you are loving every minute of it.  Enjoy!!

  2. Jim

    Sounds like two funs dogs to have around.  Each dog has their personality.  You have two that have decided to team up.  Enjoy them.

  3. Susan

    Oh my goodness!  This is SO funny!  And it takes an animal lover to understand and appreciate our \’children\’.  While my children are cats, I get a lot of the same thing, only in smaller doses.  But I love my babies!

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