Holding My Breath

It’s 9:30 p.m. and the temperature is 64 degrees.  Yes, you read that right.  64 degrees in Ohio.  In January.  It’s going to be this way for a couple of days and then it’ll be back to Old Man Winter.  I love when this happens.  I just don’t love when it will be 25 below in a couple of weeks.   Yes, I know that it will be that cold.  It always works that way. 
Hubby and I are peeking at the BCS Championship game.  Right now Ohio State and LSU are tied at 10 points a piece.  Hubby and I are afraid to actually the game because our track record on bowl games isn’t so hot this year.  Every team we’ve rooted for has lost.  We don’t want to jinx the Buckeyes so we’re channel surfing and trying to avoid actually watching the game. 
My cold is better.  My voice is still a little graveley but I feel better.  Except when I talk more than two sentences at a time – that makes me cough.  Or if I start laughing.  That will start me coughing, too.  With all the water I’m drinking to keep from coughing myself silly and being so dry from all the cold meds, I’m spending a lot of time going to the little girls room.  
You could say the pity party is officially over . . .


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3 responses to “Holding My Breath

  1. Beth

    Get well!!  That was a direct order from me. 
    We are having the wierd weather too.  Over 3 inches of rain last night.  You can just bet when I put my tomato plants out in May there won\’t be a drop to be found.
    I am not having any luck cheering my team on either so I have quit watching.

  2. Susan

    Glad your pity party is over.  But we all have to have one every now and again!  Our weather has been too warm as well.  At least until this morning.  The storms blew through yesterday and last night the winds howled about 30 mph.  Today, the temp are a little above normal, but right now it\’s 32 instead of 65 as was the case yesterday.
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  3. Siobhan

    Hi Pam!  I can\’t believe how long it\’s been since I last visited!  I suck–sorry.  I also can\’t believe those temps!  No wonder people get sick!  I\’ve been sick too, the blasted sore throat won\’t go away, even after 4 weeks.  I love coughing up a lung before I fall asleep…sorry, pass the cheese, would ya?

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