Wine & Cheese

Yep, I’m having a pity party for myself.  And you’re invited to come along . . .
(The title for this entry is a tribute to Hubby.  He always asks if I want some cheese with my wine when I’m having a pity party.)
I still have my cold.  I took vacation days on Friday and Monday so I had a nice 5 days off for the New Years Holiday.  The tickle in my throat that started late last week has turned into a very lovely upper respiratory problem.  Nothing serious enough to make me go to the doc . . . just enough to make me miserable.  My nose is totally stopped up.  My voice sounds like Froggy from "The Little Rascals" and if you don’t get that reference, please don’t tell me.  I’m already feeling pretty old.
Hubby and I have been watching football games all weekend.  College.  Pro.  You name it.  We’ve watched it.  I watched the Patriots complete their perfect season.  I was rooting for Eli and the Giants.  I thought it would be cool to see Eli do something that Peyton wasn’t able to do.  (Beat Brady and the Pats.)  I should have known that would set the tone for the weekend.  Every team we rooted for lost.  Florida, Hawaii, Navy . . . they all lost.  I’m watching the Oklahoma – West Virginia game now and I’m sorry to say that Oklahoma is losing.  Sorry, Nadine.
During one of the college football games, Hubby and I were watching the half time show.  The band (I can’t remember which one) was playing a song that sounded very familiar, but I just couldn’t place it.  I asked Hubby what the song was and his answer completely floored me.  It was Stairway to Heaven.  Oh. My. Garwsh.  Led Zeppelin in a half time show?!!  It just can’t be.  Promise me y’all stop by and visit me at the Old Folks Home.  
I love cabbage rolls and I make them every year for New Year’s Day.  Hubby hates them, but he eats them every year because he loves me.  It’s a long standing tradition from my childhood and I look forward to this meal all year.  Cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, corn, and dark pumpernickel bread.  Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.  I make them early in the day and let them simmer on the stove for hours.  Because of the afore-mentioned cold, I cannot smell anything.  I cannot taste anything.  I ate the cabbage rolls but they were bland as rice cakes.  What a disappointment.  Luckily, I can freeze the leftovers and eat them later when I can really appreciate them. 
And my final whine of the evening . . . and more proof that I’m really old . . . what ever happened to all the parades that used to be televised on New Year’s Day?  Does anybody else remember the Orange Bowl Parade?  The Cotton Bowl Parade?  The Sugar Bowl Parade?  There was even a parade from Hawaii . . . don’t remember the name of the parade, just that it was hosted by that guy from Hawaii 5-0.  Yesterday I was lucky if I could find the Rose Parade on TV.  I think I finally found it on the Travel Channel.  The Travel Channel?!  What is the world coming to when the Rose Parade is on the Travel Channel.  
Other than all the above . . . the year isn’t starting off too bad . . . we finally got the snow that I wanted for Christmas.  Started snowing at 9 a.m. New Year’s Day . . . and has been falling ever since.  Luckily it’s the light stuff that doesn’t accumulate much.  We’ve got a good 4 inches on the back deck.  Luci and Blacky are having the time of their lives romping through the stuff.  And I’m loving every minute that I get to watch them . . .  


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4 responses to “Wine & Cheese

  1. Beth

    Don\’t mention the Rose Bowl to me.  I am still pretty bummed about that.  LOL
    Take care of yourself and get to feeling betty soon!

  2. Nadine

    Scooch over….Let me whine with you.
     Have you ever scene that little boy that has his face painted in his OU colors and is cryin\’ big boy tears when OU was beat by Colorado???? They show it alot….the new agony of defeat!
     Well image a 4aahhh….35….ish yr old woman sittin\’ on her couch watchin\’ her team choke at yet another bowl game!!
     It\’s not pretty!!
    Go BuckEyes!!!

  3. Susan

    Stopping by to say that I hope you\’re feeling better.  The Travel Channel for the Rose Bowl Parade?  What IS the world coming too?
    Hugs to you!

  4. Big Dog Mom

    @Nadine – I saw that little boy and thought "what a dedicated little fan!" and then cried myself when OU lost.  Then Virginia Tech lost, too, and I cried even more.  I\’m almost afraid to watch the BCS game Monday night.
    @Everyone – I sound more like Froggy, but I feel much better.  I\’ve heard this cold lingers for a couple of weeks.  Fun, fun, fun.  Oh, and the high temps here over the weekend will be near 60. 

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