Little Bit of Everything

Christmas Eve was interesting.  Spent it at MIL’s house with Jr., his girlfriend and the kids.  Between the Jr. and Girlfriend there are four kids ranging in age from 16 to 8.  Made for a very enjoyable Christmas Eve celebration.  Only glitch in the festivities was SIL had to work and couldn’t join us.  Looks like this might have been the last year for the big celebration at MIL’s house.  She’s always insisted on having the party at her house and doing all the cooking.  Doesn’t want any help from any of us.  Over the past few years, we’ve all noticed that it’s harder and harder for her to do it all by herself and have offered to help.  She always says that she’s fine and doesn’t need any help.  This year she finally admitted that she’s going to let "you girls" (me, SIL and Girlfriend) do the cooking.  But the catch is this . . . even though we’re doing the cooking, the party is still going to be at her house.  So we’re either going to do the cooking in her kitchen (with her hovering over our shoulders) or we’re going to cook in our own kitchens and schlep the food over to her house.  Thankfully I have a whole year to figure out a diplomatic way to resolve this . . .
Christmas Day with my family was wonderful.  Imagine food and presents and 16 people in a little three bedroom ranch style house.  It’s chaos for sure, but fun chaos . . . and something I look forward to all year.  It’s all part of Christmas when you’re part of a big family.     
Hubby’s relationship with Princess is getting better.  They talk about once a week and she called him on Christmas morning.  Things between me and Princess aren’t anywhere near back to normal and I’m okay with that.  Right now, all I care about is that she has a good relationship with her dad.  They’ve always had a pretty rocky relationship (long story thats a whole blog entry of it’s own) and as long as there’s no drama then I’m a happy girl.  
I had to work Wednesday and Thursday of last week and now I’m off work until January 2.  Having 5 days off work sounds like heaven.  Except that I’ve caught a cold and I’m miserable.  If I could just get warm and stay warm (where’s those Hot Flashes when you need them?) and cut off my nose, I’d be fine.  So much for playing outside with the doggies and taking them for walks during the afternoon . . . 
So I’m hanging around the house.  Watching lots of football on TV.  Napping on the couch.  Working on my cross stitch.  Surfing the net.  Oh, yea, Hubby’s home too and he’s getting on my nerves.  


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2 responses to “Little Bit of Everything

  1. Beth

    Get well soon!!!!  Blacky and Luci are waiting patiently for you to get better.
    I know how it is with the m-i-l stuff.  The first few years Jim and I were married m-i-l acted like I was invisible.  But I overcame this finally.  I am sure you will figure out next year\’s Christmas meal.
    Have a wonderful New Year.

  2. Brenda

    So good to hear that your Christmas with the family.  Although, having a cold… not so good. 😦  I hope your New Year\’s Eve is fun in spite of the nose and *ehem* getting on your nerves. ((hug))  Maybe you could stop by and check out the newly formed bookclub over there. 🙂

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