Weekend Update

It’s the first day of winter and the high temperature today was 58 degrees.  The weather geeks are calling for a cold front to come in overnight and we are under a high wind advisory tomorrow.  That’s just great.  I still have stuff to do and the weather isn’t cooperating. 
I still have presents to buy.  Thankfully it’s all stuff I can get at Wal-Mart . . . I just need to get there very early tomorrow morning so I can avoid the crowds. 
I have to stop at Krogers to get stuff for Christmas Eve dinner with MIL and Christmas Day dinner with Mom & Dad.  I’m planning on stopping there after my trip to Wal-Mart.  Depending on the crowds at those two places, I should be in a lovely mood after those two stops. 
I have to bake cookies.  With the exception of the Oatmeal cookies I’m making for Hubby . . . and my Magic Cookie Bars . . . everything is pre-mixed.  Thank heavens for Pillbury cookie dough. 
I have to wrap presents. I have a few of them done.  I have lots more to wrap.  And Luci wants to help.  Go ahead and laugh.  I am because it’s very funny to watch Luci try to figure out scotch tape. 
Luci is enjoying the warm weather and wants Mommy to come play outside with her.  We went for a walk tonight and she was really interested in the yard decorations.  Expecially the animated reindeer and the singing inflatable snow globe. 
I have laundry to do.  How can two people have so many dirty clothes?
I have housework to do.  The warm weather melted the snow and the yard is a muddy mess. 
I only have two days to get this all done. 

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One response to “Weekend Update

  1. Beth

    Dear Pam,
    You will get it all done and you will survive visits and Christmas will be great for you, hubby Luci and Blacky.  As for dirty clothes, there is only one of me and I wonder how I get so many dirty clothes.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!

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