What Was I Thinking?

For the last couple of days, the Weather Guys have been predicting a significant snow storm for this weekend.  Somewhere between 5 and 10 inches of snow mixed with rain, sleet, and ice. The amount of snow depends on the track the storm takes . . . blah, blah, blah.  All the usual stuff.  The predictions said it wouldn’t start until noon on Saturday.  So that meant I would be able to get up early and do some Christmas shopping before the snow started. 
That’s exactly what I planned to do.  Got up early.  Fed the doggies breakfast.  Took a shower and got ready to head out.  By the time I left the house at 9:30 this morning, there were light flakes.  Nothing serious.  By the time I got to the mall 20 minutes later, there were heavy flakes and the roads were becoming snow covered.  Seemed like the Weather Guys were a little off on their predictions.  Maybe this wasn’t a great idea after all.  But I was at the mall and so I might as well get a few things and then head back home. 
I was in the mall an hour and did manage to get a few things marked off my list.  Even though I kept checking the weather, I wasn’t too worried about the drive home.  Besides, I believe it’s more fun to Christmas Shop when it’s snowing.  Yea, I’m weird like that.  You wouldn’t believe the number of grumpy grouchy people who were complaining about being out in the bad weather. 
When I left the mall, the Dog Mobile was covered in snow and so was the parking lot.  And the roads.  And the intersections.  It took a lot longer to get home than it did to get to the mall.  But I was careful (thanks to Hubby’s Driving In Snow lectures) and I made it home in one piece.  Which is more than I could say for a few of the folks I passed on the road.  Mainly big ginormous pick up trucks and SUV’s that think they can plow through anything at top speed.  Yes, I laughed at them stuck in the ditch or smashed into each other as the little Dog Mobile puttered past them.  
When I finally got home, I told Hubby that I was in for the day.  Depending on the weather, I might not even make it out for Mass this afternoon.  The roads aren’t all that bad, it’s just the crazy, I have no brain people who are out driving in this.  
As soon as I got home, Blacky and Luci wanted to sniff all the packages – in case there was something for them – and wanted me to go outside to play.  Oh. My. Goodness.  What fun was that!  Romping and playing in the yard.  Playing fetch after digging the tennis balls out of the snow – Luci helped with that.  We were outside for a half hour before I decided we needed to go back inside because they were wet, I was cold and it was time for lunch.
After lunch . . . naptime for all of us.  Watched the snow falling and then the rain.  Went outside to shovel the walk with Hubby.  Wet heavy snow that is hard to move.  Yikes. 
All in all, not a bad day even if it started out a little rough.  Hopefully the snow will be done tomorrow so I can go finish the Christmas shopping.  If not, then I’ll be working on Christmas cards or cookies.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. . . .   

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