Thanksgiving Update

I just realized that I haven’t given an update on the Thanksgiving doin’s here at the Big Dog House.  Thanksgiving was spent at my MIL house.  Just me, Hubby, and Sister In Law.  No drama.  No fighting.  Just lots of eating.  MIL insists on doing all the cooking herself – even though SIL and I both have asked several times if we can help.  Especially since MIL has been telling us that she’s tired and that being on her feet for so long makes her legs and back ache.  MIL did let Hubby make the gravy, but she was standing next to him the entire time telling him how to do it and what he as doing wrong.  SIL and I just watched and laughed.  I think MIL’s complaining is part of the fun for her.  Of course MIL made way more food than the four of us could eat and we have more left overs than we know what to do with. 
I didn’t get out to visit my Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving, but I did talk to Mom Thanksgiving night.  My Oldest Nephew brought his new girlfriend to the family.  New Girlfriend has a 14 month old daugher (not Oldest Nephew’s baby) and together New Girlfriend and Little Baby completely charmed the family.  I will probably get to meet New Girlfriend and Little Baby at Christmas.  
The real fun started on Friday.  No, I didn’t go shopping.  Hubby was sick.  He had an Acid Reflux situation from something that he ate Thanksgiving Day.  I think it was the baked beans.  He felt "puny" on Friday and didn’t do much.  Then it got really interesting when I came down with some kind of bug early Saturday morning.  It might have been a 24 hour bug or a sinus drainage problem.  Either way, it didn’t last long.  Just enough for me to spend Saturday on the couch watching football with Hubby.  It seemed like every game we watched has an impact of some sort on if Ohio State gets to a bowl game.  Yes, Hubby explained it a zillion times but I don’t remember half of what he told me.  I just know that I need to root for Oklahoma this weekend. 
Sunday was more lounging time – oh and laundry, because there’s always laundry to do – and football watching.  I just love Sunday football. 
There was also lots of playing with Luci and Blacky and even a walk Sunday afternoon with Luci.  Except for the sick spell a pretty relaxing weekend.  I think that might be the last one for a while.  Now it’s time to start the Christmas preparations.  Shopping.  Buying a tree and decorating the house.  Oh, and my personal favorite . . . baking cookies. 


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3 responses to “Thanksgiving Update

  1. Beth

    No! No!  root for Illinois.  If things work out if Ohio loses if, if, if Illinois might end up at the Rose Bowl.  Here I am excited and I don\’t even like football.  LOL  I just think Jim would want me to be excited on his behalf.
    I understand you hubby and his acid reflux cause I have it to.  No fun, and the odd thing is I can eat something one time and be fine and the next time it kills me.  I take prescription meds for it.  Stress is a huge trigger factor for me.  Could it be for your hubby too?
    Hi to Blacky and Luci.

  2. Nadine

    Speakin\’ for the entire state of Oklahoma….YES YOU DO!!!!
    I have cussed the rankin\’s all season long, watched the teams go up and down……And for Ohio to go to a National Championship, OU must beat MIZZOU!!
    So Welcome to Oklahoma!
    Hugs…..Big Okie Hugs!!!

  3. Brenda

    What a great time with your family, in spite of the time you and Hubs had afterward.  And the football thing?  I\’m just praying for a better coach and possibly a bowl game for NU next year.  The past few years have been very sad for Husker Nation these days.  It can only get better!  Meanwhile, I\’m rooting for Ohio. 🙂

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