Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Tonight is the first official showing of "A Christmas Story" my all time favorite Christmas movie.  I have to watch it at least a dozen times each year.
Tuesday night is "A Charlie Brown Christmas" . . . another all time favorite.  I’ve watched it at least once a year since it’s first airing in 1965 (I was two.)
Hubby is not happy that the goofy Christmas shows are starting already.
I told him now that Turkey Day is over, it’s fair game for Christmas. 
A month from today it’ll all be over.
He’s not impressed. 
I’ll be making popcorn for my movie tonight.  Now I just need to wrestle the remote control from Hubby . . . .

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One response to “Beginning to Look Like Christmas

  1. Beth

    So funny!!  My husband was always crazy about that movie too.  Once seeing it was enough for me.  Enjoy!!!

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