Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful This Year

I’ve been thinking about this past year and all the things I have to be thankful for . . .
1.  My health – no complications after the hysterectomy.  Except for the hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. 
2.  Hubby’s health – blood pressure is finally under control.  Yippee!!
3.  MIL’s health is fairly steady.  No "Family Fall Health Crisis" this year. 
4.  Mom has had no other problems since the hip surgery.
5.  I found a new job without even trying.  Even though I’m still getting adjusted to the job, I think it was a good move for me. 
6.  Hubby’s fishing rod repair business.  It’s just steady enough to keep him happy. 
7.  Jr. (my step-son) has a job and a girlfriend that’s good to him.
8.  Princess (my step-daughter) is patching up her relationship with Hubby
9.  Blacky and Luci.  Maybe I should put them at the top of the list?
10.  My blogging buddies.  Catholic Mom, Nadine, Beth, Sherry.  You always bring a smile to my face.  =)
Ooohh, time for the parade!!


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2 responses to “Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful This Year

  1. Beth

    Good Morning Pam and family and Blacky and Luci.  Thank you for including me on your thankful list.  I am thankful to have you for a blogging friend!

  2. Nadine

    Oooh thanks! And we are glad you are in our bloggin\’ circle of friends!!
    Hugs and have a great holiday!!

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