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Favorite Time of Day

It’s almost my favorite time of the day.  Bedtime.  I love the end of the day.  Everybody heads off to bed about the same time.  Hubby makes sure the front door is locked and goes upstairs.  I take Blacky and Luci outside to go potty one last time.  They do their business and I turn off the back porch light.  Tidy up the kitchen.  The dogs come in.  I lock up the back door and turn off the kitchen light.   
Luci, Blacky, and I head up stairs.  Hubby’s already in bed.  I brush my teeth.  Brush my hair.  Put on my jammies.  The doggies are already snuggled up on their doggie beds as I get into bed.  We have a heated mattress pad so the bed is always cozy and warm.  I snuggle under the blankets and enjoy the warmth.  Before I drift off to sleep, I listen to Hubby as he starts to snore.  I’ve always been comforted by Hubby’s snoring.  I remember a time when he was an over-the-road truck driver and he was gone most of the time.  I missed his snorning and I always said that if he came off the road, I’d never complain about his snoring ever again.  And I don’t complain.  Ever.  But he always complains about my snoring.  Yes, I snore.  Very loudly, I’m told.  But that’s a story for another day.  Then the doggies start snoring . . . usually it’s Luci that snores . . . and it always amazes me how fast she goes to sleep and starts snorning.  
Just when I start to think that this is a great way to end the day, I drift off to sleep . . . .


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