I have no motivatation today.  I’ve had no motivation all weekend.  I’ve been a couch potato.  It’s been wonderful.  Okay, I’ve done the laundry, dishes, and made the bed.  I went to Mass yesterday.  Oh, and I’ve worked on my cross stitch.  Yes, it’s very boring here at Dog Mobile Land.  And I’m so happy I can hardly stand it.  All spring and summer life had been so busy I couldn’t hardly catch my breath and I was dreaming of the day when boring would become normal again. 
I can’t believe that it’s already November.  Where did the year go?  Perhaps the year zipped past me while I was dealing with my health issues, Hubby’s health issues, me changing jobs, Hubby’s semi-retirement.  Yea, that’s probably what happened. 
I realize, of course, that boringly normal makes for very uninteresting blog entries.  Let’s see if we can change that.  I’ve been tagged by Catholic Mom to list 8 random things.  I’m working on that.  I hope to have it done sometime this week.  In the meantime, here’s some other things that are rattling around in my head. 
Why in the world do people bring their cell phones with them to Mass?  If you are sooooo very important that you must bring your cell phone with you at least turn the thing to vibrate.  There’s nothing more annoying than to hear someone’s cell phone going off during Mass . . . particularly during the homily.  It happened yesterday in the middle of Father’s homily . . . and the scathing look that Father gave in the general direction of the ringing phone was priceless
I watched the Veteran’s Day events in Washington on CNN this morning.  It was wonderful to watch the ceremony, listen to the band, listen to the speeches.  What really touched me was the honor guard at Arlington Cemetary.  They’re just amazing to watch.  Almost as amazing as the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team. 
There is one local High School football team still in the running for a state championship.  It’s the local Catholic high school.  The game was yesterday afternoon.  That meant there weren’t a lot of people at Mass last night (which made the ringing phone all the more obvious).  They just have to win two more games and they are state champs.  Something that hasn’t happened in, oh, 44 years.  Do you think that we might be a little excited about this?  Just a little!!  Go Irish!! (Yes, that’s the team name. Used to have the same logo as that big Catholic college in Indiana.  That college thought our little school was infringing on their mascot and made us change it a few years ago.)
If you’ll excuse me, the couch is calling again!!


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2 responses to “Motivation

  1. Beth

    It is wonderful to read your upbeat post.  Good luck to your local team and shame on the big college in Indiana.

  2. Dori

    Your comment re cell phones in church made me smile remembering how it was handled in our church.  Before Mass a person gets up and gives the announcements, which priest is saying Mass, etc.  For a while, they said "Unless you are expecting a call from God, please turn off your cell phones."  That seemed to solve the problem.  Nowadays they just remind us to turn them off.

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