Things That Made Me Smile Today

Yes, I’ve been a little stressed lately.  I’ve been a Grumpy Gus the past few days.  But here are the top 10 things that made me smile today
  1. Seeing Luci and Blacky’s happy faces this morning when the alarm went off.
  2. Finding a good spot in the parking garage this morning. 
  3. Put the finishing touches on the latest event . . . and all the planning is done three days ahead of schedule!
  4. Got a good report from my boss about the latest event I planned.  No glitches.  No problems.  "Thanks for all your hard work!"
  5. On the way home from work tonight I saw a farmer driving his big truck to the grain elevator.  He had his little Jack Russell Terrier doggie in the cab with him. 
  6. Listening to my XM radio and singing along at the top of my lungs with the songs on the 70’s channel and the 60’s channel.  It’s amazing how many of the words I still remember. 
  7. Taking my nightly walk with Luci and visiting all of her "peeps". 
  8. I’m having my favorite pizza for supper tonight. 
  9. Knowing that I got all the things on my "To Do" list doneby the time I left the office today.  I was at the office an extra 45 minute, but that’s okay because . . .
  10. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off as vacation days!! 
Maybe that should be my #1 reason why I’m smiling today . . .  


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4 responses to “Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. Beth

    Dear Pam,
    And I am smiling because you are smiling!!!  Have fun on your days off.

  2. Nadine

    Pets are good therapy!!

  3. Linda

    I\’m glad you\’re smiling and having a great day.

  4. Jay

    I like your space very much. In almost every post that I have read, you have mentioned your dogs. I am a dog lover, and at one time had four. Our house is not that big, but it was full of love. My dogs are my babies too, and that comes through loud and clear through your posts. I popped in from another space, and will definately be back. I also liked the photos of you "kids".

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