Black Is Very Slimming

I’ve always thought that Luci was a petite little dog.  She just never seemed like she was as big as Goldie or Blacky.  Some of it might have been because she came to live with us when she was just 8 weeks old.  As she grew, it just seemed like she was this skinny little dog that was all legs.  Being a dog mom, I just don’t think I realized that my baby girl was growing up. 
Goldie had the big stocky build that you normally think of when you see a lab.  Big blocky head.  Stocky, sturdy shoulders.  Luci never looked like Goldie.  Luci’s head is a little smaller and her legs are longer.  Or so I thought.  My opinion changed the other day when I tried to put Goldie’s old harness on Luci.  I had to let the harness out almost to it’s capacity to get it to fit on Luci.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  My petite little girl isn’t quite as petite as I thought.  I realize that I adjusted the harness as Goldie lost weight during the last few months she was alive.  I just never realized how much weight she had lost.  It was quite a surprise to learn just how stocky Luci really is. 
So either I’m in complete denial about how much my baby dog has grown.  Or it’s true what they say.  Black is very slimming and can make you look much smaller than you really are. 


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2 responses to “Black Is Very Slimming

  1. Beth

    Bring on the black clothes.  lol
    You are such a good dog mommy!

  2. Dori

    Pam, they do look good in black, these black labs of ours.  My Luke is all \’girthed\’ out and I just love it.  But he\’s nothing like my now deceased chocolate lab – he , like Goldie had the HUGE head and weighted 109#  Luke tips the scales at only 80 so he seems like a featherweight to me.  Keep writing about those babies of yours, I really enjoy hearing about them.

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