Nashville Star Tour

Hubby and I are the biggest reality TV geeks I know.  You name it and we watch it.  Dancing with the Stars.  American Idol.  Big Brother.  Survivor.  That silly Gilligan’s Island show a couple of years ago.  Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?  The singing shows.  So You Think You Can Dance.  Trick My Truck.  Pinks.  Yea, we watch ’em all.   
Of all the shows we watch, you’d think we would have watched an episode or two of Nashville Star.  Nope.  Not one single episode.  Hubby and I like Country Music, but for some reason we’ve never watched Nashville Star.  In case you haven’t heard of this show, it’s like American Idol for aspiring Country Singers.  Just like American Idol, the winner goes on tour after the season is over along with a few of the runners up.  The most recent Nashville Star tour came to my hometown this past weekend.  Hubby and I have season tickets to the Country Artist Series at the local Performing Arts Center.  Each season the Performing Arts Center has three Country Music Acts come to our little town and perform in the fabulous auditorium.  When the tickets went on sale back in June, we had no idea what Nashville Star was or who the performers were.  But we were willing to give it a chance. 
Oh.  My.  Goodness.  The show was amazing.  The energy and the talent these kids had was phenomonal.  The girl that won, Angela Hacker, sang a Bonnie Raitt song that sounded just as good as if Bonnie herself was up there singing it.  She competed against her brother, Zac, and let me tell you it was probably a fierce competition.  He sounded as good as anybody I’ve heard on Country Radio in a while.  Then there were David St. Romain and Joshua Stevens.  My, my, my.  What a great show.  Even though Hubby and I had no idea who these kids were or had heard any of their music before, we had a wonderful time.  Especially watching all the young girls that obviously followed the show, knew who the performers were, and were cheering and singing along with every song.  
It was sure worth the price of admission and if the Nashville Tour comes to your town, check it out.  You won’t be disappointed. 


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2 responses to “Nashville Star Tour

  1. Beth

    I have never heard of the Nashville Star show but I think I would like to watch it.  When does it come on?
    You were very lucky to get to see such a good show. 

  2. Sherry

    I only caught the last show where Angela won, and OMGoodness she rocked that Bonnie Raitt song!! Loved it.  The brother sang a song he had written about their father.  It was  a really close competition!  If you know who Buddy Jewell is, he won the first year of Nashville star, and so far has been the most successfull of the contestants. 

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