Daily Archives: September 11, 2007

Six Years Later

I can hardly believe that it’s been 6 years since the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  I’ve been watching documentaries all week.  Seeing the footage today is just as wrenching as it was to watch it as it happened. 
Today started out gloomy and overcast.  Quite fitting for a gloomy and dreary day.  It stayed gloomy until about 9:30 or so.  Then the sun came out and it was another beautiful fall day.  Just like the weather the day of the attacks.   
I was sad to hear that they added one name to the list this year.  The name of someone who died of lung disease caused by the debris in the air after the buildings collapsed.  I wonder how many other names will be added to this list because of the after effects. 
Hard to believe it’s been six years . . .


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