Back To Normal

Dare I say it?  I’m afraid that if I say it out loud that I’ll jinx it . . . but I’m going to risk it. 
It appears that life here has gone back to normal.  Hubby is out fishing on a Saturday night and I’m watching Y&R on SoapNet with the doggies.  Bowling season started a couple of weeks ago and Hubby is out of the house two nights a week and Sunday mornings.  Football season has started.  Hubby’s blood pressure is back under control.  Mom is getting along just fine with her new hip.  MIL has gotten a fairly decent clean bill of health and hasn’t developed any new health problems.  I finished my 90 day probation period at work with flying colors. 
Luci and Blacky are healthy.  Luci breezed through her second birthday.  We’re taking a shot on letting her stay out of her crate during the day while we’re at work.  My MIL comes at noon to let Luci and Blacky out to go potty and play with them a little so she’s not in there all day.  I feel bad about her being in the crate but I’ve always been a little leery to let her stay out of the crate because I’m afraid she’s going to either torment Blacky or chew up stuff in the house.  So far so good.  Keep your fingers crossed. 
After the drama and the set backs of this summer, I’m sure you can understand why I’m cautiously optimistic.  Tthings are improving and I’m hoping that it stays that way for a while. 


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3 responses to “Back To Normal

  1. Linda

    I\’m knocking on wood for you, knocking on wood.

  2. Brenda

    You definitely need a break, but I\’m knocking on wood and crossing my fingers/toes/ankles for you as a precautionary gesture.  That\’s exactly what blog friends are for!  Have a great boringly normal week. *knocking on wood*

  3. Nadine

    Hold it!!
     Put the Dawn down and back away slowly!!!!
     Please for the love of your dog\’s coat don\’t use Dawn or any other soap or people shampoo on your dogs. It strips the oils in their coats and drys them out so then you have itchy dogs.
     Spend the M. O. N. E. Y. on the good stuff from the Vet. Advantage!!! Or Frontline Plus!!!
    And that was your commerical break and now on the show…….HUGS!!

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