Ten Years

Ten years ago today . . .
I was in the bathroom curling my hair when I heard the news. 
Hubby came to the bottom of the stairs and hollered up to me.  "You’ll never believe who just died."  He said the name and I told him that wasn’t funny.  Then I ran down the stairs to the nearest TV.  It was true.  Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident the night before.
I watched every bit of coverage I could find.  Hubby complained for an entire week.  I got up early the day of the funeral and sat in front of the TV for six straight hours.  I only left the couch to go to the bathroom.  Oh, and I cried the entire time.  Hubby made fun of me . . . but he sat and watched parts of it with me and kept handing me tissues.   
I was a huge Princess Diana fan.  I remembered getting up the day of The Wedding and watching every minute of the ceremony.   I read every article I could find about her.  I tried the Diana haircut (it didn’t look good on me).  I even bought a cheap knockoff of one of her sweaters.  She was just two years older than me and she was married to a prince.  Then she had those two adorable little boys.  It was like a fairy tale come to life.  But we all know how the fairy tale ended. 
The funeral was just horribly sad.  She was so young and beautiful.  Her boys looked so little and sad.  She was never going to see them grow up.  She was never going to see William be king.  Or know the joy of being a grandma.  (Can you imagine Diana as a grandma?!)  Those beautiful boys walked along behind the casket like little troopers.  For a minute, I even felt sorry for Charles.  
Since she died, I’ve stopped buying/reading the trash tabloids.  I don’t watch documentaries about her anymore.  I did go to the Diana exhibit when it came to the local museum last year.  Being a true Diana fan, I just couldn’t resist seeing The Wedding Dress upclose and personal . . . oh, and it was just as amazing and I always thought it would be.  I don’t listen to the conspiracy theory stories.  I haven’t read any of the tell-all books that have been published.  I want to remember her the way she was when she was alive.  Besides, it’s been ten years.  I think she finally deserves some peace and quiet. 
I am a big fan of Harry and William.  They are beautiful boys that seem to be a lot like their mother.  I’m really impressed at how they’ve handled the hoopla surrounding the tenth anniversary of their mother’s death.  I thought it was brilliant that they wanted to have the Concert for Diana on her birthday . . . instead of the anniversary of her death.  
Even though I don’t normally watch the documentaries about Diana, I did watch a few of them today.  Only because I can’t believe it’s been ten years . . .

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  1. Beth

    I was a Diana fan too.  Last night on the Starz movie channel I watched the movie \’The Queen\’.  I started watching expecting to be bored but I sat fascinated until the credits ran.  Diana faced insurmountable obstacles when she married Charles as he came in a package of three (The Queen, Charles and Camilla). Watch this movie if you haven\’t already seen it.

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