Are You Ready For Some Football

Monday night was a big night here.  It was the offical start of the football season.  I watched the Hall of Fame Game on the NFL Network.  Okay, it’s pre-season football and I realize that it doesn’t count towards the regular season but that doesn’t matter.  It’s pro football.  Yippe, yippee, yippee!! 
Yes, I love football.  I can’t tell you why and I don’t understand why.  I just know that I love it.  I can’t explain strategies or defense or anything like that.  I like to watch the guys crash into each other, I like to watch the guys run down the field for a touchdown, I like to watch the spectacular passes.  I enjoy listening to John Madden. 
I blame Hubby for this . . . he introduced me to football the first year we were together.  I learned early on in our relationship that unless I wanted to spend five months of every year alone I better develop an interest in football.  He watched football every weekend and he was glued to the TV most of the day on Sunday.  If it was that interesting to him, I figured I should at least pay attention.  So I watched football every Sunday with him and he tried to explain the game to me.  That’s when I discovered Joe Montana and the 49ers.  Watching Joe was like watching a ballet.  The way he could throw into a crowd and find a guy in a red jersey.  I didn’t understand any of the rules about football but it was fun to watch.  And yes I’m still a big Niners fan . . . even though they aren’t playing so well these days. 
Only a few more weeks until the real season starts.  Time to drag out my Niners jersey . . .


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3 responses to “Are You Ready For Some Football

  1. Lindsey

    I too love Footbll….but you can keep John Madden. He drives me NUTS!!
    BTW, I\’m a Denver fan….and Vern backs Dallas all the way!  

  2. Beth

    I could never get into football.  Jim loved it though and he always watched the games.  I would sit with him and read and we would talk during commercials.  Now, basketball I love because I thoroughly understand it.   

  3. Linda

    I\’m not too into football, myself, but glad you love it so much. 

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