You Might Be a Redneck

If you drive to Krogers barefoot and put on shoes so you can go into the store . . .
If the shoes you put on before you go into Krogers are combat boots and you think that’s a hot look with your jean shorts and tank top . . .
If you drive with your left foot hanging out of the driver’s side window . . .
If you don’t want to run your central air and open only the front and back door to your house to circulate air through the house . . .
If you hang your laundry in your front window because you don’t have a dryer or an outdoor clothesline . . .
If you use your back patio as a parking space . . .
The funny part is that I saw all of these things this week in my neighborhood. 

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One response to “You Might Be a Redneck

  1. Linda

    No way!!  Somebody drives with their left leg hanging out the window?  These are pretty funny/sad.  

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