The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I’ve had this Tom Petty song running through my head for the last couple of days.  It will probably be there for about a week. 
Hubby had an appointment with the cardiologist yesterday to figure out what’s causing the dizziness and the pain in his back.  We thought it would be a simple stress test and a consult . . . . turns out they had scheduled him for a full battery of tests.  Echocardiogram, scan of the arteries in his neck, stress test with and without contrast, EKG.  He spent the entire day at the doctor’s office.  The tech that did the echo and the scan of his neck said that everything looked clear to her.  So what could possibly be causing his problems? 
He goes back for the results next week. . . .


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3 responses to “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

  1. Shelly

    Wowzer!   I\’ll be sending lots of prayers and extra happy thoughts your way.  Good luck!! 

  2. Chris

    Sorry I haven\’t been by in a while.  New job?  Surgery?  Semi-retirement?  Now this?  You know I\’ll be praying and checking in on you more often…
    Take care!

  3. Beth

    I have been through all of those tests Pam.  I am praying that everything is OK for him.  I know how worried you must be.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both and Luci and Blacky too. 

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