Change of Perspective

All my life I’ve loved the 4th of July holiday.  The warm summer weather.  The picnics.  The fireworks.  Oh, yea, my birthday is July 3 so that might have something to do with it. 
The best part of the holiday was always the fireworks.  The drive-in near the house I grew up in always had fireworks on the 3rd and the 4th of July.  When I was a little kid, I thought they were for my birthday.  We would be outside in our jammies watching the fireworks from our driveway. 
But that all changed when I became a mom to my four legged babies.  Our first dog, Sheba, never really minded the fireworks so it ws never really an issue with her.  But it was different with Goldie and Blacky.  Goldie and Blacky both hated them.  Goldie would run in circles and bark if she heard fireworks when she was outside.  She could still hear them if she was in the house but she wouldn’t bark at them.  She just had this terrified look on her face and she wouldn’t leave my side.  Blacky is terrified of the fireworks and will pant really hard and pace throughout the house whenever they start up.  I’ve tried leaving the TV on or leaving a fan on to drown the noise, but that doesn’t really help.  It got to the point that I had to give both Blacky and Goldie medicine to knock them out so they wouldn’t get so upset.  That works really well but I feel bad that I had to resort to drugs.
Last summer was Luci’s first exposure to fireworks and she didn’t seem to mind the noise – she liked to watch the pretty colors.  Yes, we have people in our neighborhood that set off the kind of fireworks that are similar to what the pros use.  But I think that’s going to change this year.  She might still like the pretty colors, but I know she’s definately not happy about the noise.  We went for a walk tonight and there were some boys setting off bottle rockets.  She didn’t like that noise at all.  A little further along in our walk somebody set off a M80 and I thought the poor little dog was going to poop right there on the spot.  She tucked her tail in between her legs and stuck right by my side for the rest of the walk.  I’ve never had her be so well behaved on a walk before.  The neighbors are setting off bottle rockets and firecrackers and she can hear them when she’s outside.  Poor little thing will hardly go off the deck now unless I go with her.  
The next few days (nights) are going to be a little nerve-wracking for me, Hubby, and the doggies.  Luci and Blacky will be clinging to me because of the noise, and Hubby gets upset because these "yahoos" (his word) are upsetting the dogs.  Hubby was actually hoping for rain for the next few days to cut down on the noise. 
I still love fireworks . . . the professional kind.  It’s the never ending amature ones that will be getting on my nerves for the next week. 


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5 responses to “Change of Perspective

  1. Linda

    Most dogs don\’t like the 4th, that\’s for sure.  If you like reading you should check out the book Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. She really helps you understand what might be going through an animals mind.

  2. Beth

    Poor dogs.  They must feel as I feel every Friday night and Saturday night when the young guy across the street from me beats on his drums all night.
    I can see the most of the fireworks from my back porch but I haven\’t watched them for years.

  3. Sherry

    We have a new dog that is fairly calm so I think she\’ll be ok.  However, our Bree is a nightmare.  She even barks at the thunder.  I think she\’s telling it to stop. 
    Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Brenda

    Happy belated birthday, Pam!  I had planned on posting this yesterday, but life grabbed my by the foot and started tugging me around town, or something like that. 😉  Anyway, I hope you\’re kicking back and having a wonderful 4th of July after that big 3rd of July birthday.  Cheers!!

  5. Beth

    Hi Pam,
    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.  I hope you had a wonderful one.

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