Going Straight to You-Know-Where

Hubby is doing better.  Dizzy spells are much less serious and not as frequent.  Mom is doing well.  They moved her to the rehab facility today.  Things are looking up. 
I don’t know if it’s because I’m slap happy due to the stress and exhaustion I’ve endured this week or if it’s because I really do have a sick sense of humor.  You be the judge . . .
Walking to the parking garage last night after work, I noticed a blind man walking across the street with his friend.  The blind guy was using his cane and hanging onto his friends arm.  Wow, what a heartwarming scene.  I looked a little closer and noticed that the friend had a cane, too, and was also blind.  Two blind guys walking across the street.  Made the scene even more heartwarming.  But then a thought popped into my head and before I could stop the impulse I started to giggle.  There it was in front of me . . . a true example of the blind leading the blind. 
Yes, I know, I’m going straight to you-know-where . . .


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3 responses to “Going Straight to You-Know-Where

  1. Beth

    You know, I\’ll just bet if you had said that to the blind men they would have enjoyed a laugh too.
    Glad things are looking better for your family!

  2. Lindsey

    OK, that made me laugh out loud at work….and now people are staring!

  3. Shelly

    Holy cow that was funny!  I\’m sure I\’m going there in a straight jacket any who… I guess I could pick you up along the way!  Tee hee ha ha!!  Thanks I so needed that today.   I hope you and the hubby are both doing well.  Take care!! 

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