This Isn’t Funny Anymore

Okay, I’ve been a good sport about all the stuff that’s been going on with my life lately.  But there’s a point when the drama starts to be not funny anymore and becomes a major pain in the butt.
Hubby wanted to try semi-retirement so we did a major overhaul of the family finances to make the dream a reality.  Part of making the dream a reality meant I had to leave a job I love and facing the great unknown of a new job.  Sure the new job is cool and it all worked out just fine but still . . . . 
The hysterectomy came totally out of the blue and scared the living daylights out of me.  I thought for sure that there had to be something seriously wrong for me to have a sizeable mass that needed to removed immediately when I was perfectly fine the year before.  I’m very very very grateful that I have a clean bill of health with no complications.  The hot flashes and the night sweats aren’t a problem anymore and the hormonal mood swings can actually be kind of funny.  The raving lunatic that emerges when I have a mood swing is so totally not me that it makes me wonder where the heck that woman has been all my life. 
I’ve taken all of this in stride and kept my faith in a higher power through of this.  There’s an old saying that if God brings it to you, He’ll bring you through it.  I lit a lot of candles, said a lot of prayers and took everything one day at a time.  But the last couple of weeks have been a little rough and I’m starting to wonder when it’s going to stop . . .
My mom had hip replacement surgery on June 4.  She’s got some other health issues so she had to undergo a very rigorous testing process to make sure she was healthy enough to have the surgery.  At one point she had 5 different doctors checking her out.  You’d think the woman would have sailed through surgery with a hitch.  She did get through the surgery but she developed some other complications.  Nothing life threatening – just very annoying – and something that all the tests in the world couldn’t have predicted.  So a 3 day hospital stay and 6 days in a rehab facility has turned into 10 day hospital stay with an additional 6 days in the rehab facility.  Everything is fine now and she’s progressing like she’s supposed to . . . just a week later than we all anticipated.  If nothing else, it’s brought the family a lot closer than we’ve been in a while . . .
And the topper of it all . . . Hubby started his semi-retirement this week . . . by taking a trip to the ER in an ambulance.  We both thought it was a heart attack.  Or worse.  They tested him for everything under the sun and it turned out to be a severe inner ear infection and a wicked case of vertigo.  He spent four hours in the ER and two days zonked out on the couch thanks to the anti-dizziness meds we got from the ER.  Did you know that if you go to Walgreen’s at 2 a.m., you can get your prescription right away?  Today is the first day that he’s been able to stand upright without weaving like he’s been on a two day drunk (his words) . . . 
Like I said before . . . it’s nothing horrible . . . just majorly annoying . . . and not funny anymore . . .

I’m grateful that I’m healthy, that my mom is recovering from her surgery, that Hubby doesn’t have some terrible disease, that I’m enjoying the new job, and that we were able to finance Hubby’s semi-retirement.  I’m just ready to go back to my boringly normal life. 

And I used to think that nothing exciting ever happened here . . .



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3 responses to “This Isn’t Funny Anymore

  1. Brenda

    Man you got pounded!  *whew*  I do hope your mom and hubs are on the road to recovery now.  The hardest part is getting the right diagnosis, and it sounds like they\’ve been well cared for.  My prayers are with you.  Now hurry up and get back to that normal life again. 😉

  2. Bethm411

    I hate when life throws you so many curve balls at once you end up getting beaned in the head with one.  I feel ya, sister.  I am there right now.  i just want to be through all this crap and have no more drama.

  3. Beth

    My goodness, you have really been through the mill.  Thank Heaven you are still in one piece!

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